February 23, 2017
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 80-83: Leaked Summaries, New U4 Stipulations & More

Dragon Ball Super has officially released the provisional titles for Episodes 80-83, and from what could be determined from the episodes' brief leaked summaries, DBS would have a pretty interesting month ahead. From Gohan's brutal match with Lavenda to Toppo's seeming interference in a match, Dragon Ball Super's Universe Survival Arc appears to be heading towards something riveting.

The leaked summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episode 80-83 have been translated by popular fan-translator Todd Blankenship from several Japanese publications. DBS Episode 80, titled "Awaken the Dormant Fighting Spirit! Son Gohan's Battle!!" and airing on February 26, has been teased for a long time, and from the available information, it could be inferred that the episode would feature a pretty gritty battle between Goku's firstborn son and the wily Universe 9 fighter. Here's the summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 80.

"Gohan is blinded! His battle against the Venomous Lavenda begins!! Universe 7 is pumped after their victory in the first round! Moving on to the second round, Gohan is up against the Universe 9 warrior Lavenda. Blinded by Lavenda's poison, Gohan cannot read Lavenda's ki and seems to be in for a tough fight!!

"Round 2 of the Omni-Present Match!! Who's the opponent Gohan is challenging?! The second-oldest brother in Trio the Dangers, he's also known as "Venomous Lavenda. Gohan heads into battle as the contestant for Universe 7! After getting into a tight spot, what is his counterattack?!

"Goku This Week: unperturbed by his son's pinch! Gohan throws himself into battle for the first time in a long while. Goku observes his son's battle! Goku declares Gohan's pinch to instead be an opportunity...?!"

The Tournament of Power might very well feature the most intense battles ever seen in 'Dragon Ball Super.'
[Image by Toei Animation]

Dragon Ball Super Episode 81, titled "Crusher Bergamo vs. Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?!" and airing on March 5, is set to feature the third match in the pre-tournament battle between Universe 7 and Universe 9. After Gohan's battle, it would be Universe 7's Goku and Universe 9's Bergamo who would be battling it out in the arena. What is rather interesting, however, is the U9 fighter's upcoming proposal to the Omni-King that was mentioned in DBS Episode 81's leaked summary.

"The Omni-Present Match comes to a head! Does Goku have a shot at victory?! The final battle of the Omni-Present Match is Goku vs Bergamo! Bergamo uses some slick talking to get the stadium on Universe 4's side, turning them completely against Goku and the gang! What's more, Bergamo shows off his ability to turn his opponent's attacks into his own power! How will Goku fight this tricky foe?

"Omni-King This Week: Taking back his declaration to wipe out the universes?! Accepting Bergamo's proposal, Omni-King announces that if Universe 4 wins, he will withdraw his plan to wipe out universes who lose in the Tournament of Power! What is Omni-King's aim?!"

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82, provisionally titled "The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In" and set to air on March 19, has no leaked summary as of date. From the provisional title alone, however, it appears that the powerful fighter, which previous leaks have determined to be a possible candidate for U11's next God of Destruction, would play a huge part in the progression of the Universe Survival Arc's plot.

The Universe 9 fighters of 'Dragon Ball Super' are set to give the Universe 7 fighters a pretty difficult fight.
[Image by Toei Animation]

Toppo has already been involved in Dragon Ball Super Episode 79, where the massive fighter deflected one of Universe 9 competitor Basil's ultimate attacks without any effort. Thus, it would be interesting to see how the God of Destruction candidate would act in the next DBS episodes. If any, his presence in the Tournament of Power alone is enough to make the Universe Survival Arc very compelling.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83, provisionally titled "Forming the Universe 7 Representative Team" is set to air on March 26. While no leaked summary has been released about this episode yet, numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit are speculating that DBS Ep 83 would simply feature how Goku would select the seven remaining fighters for Universe 7's team in the Tournament of Power. The team members of U7 have long been revealed in promotional materials for the upcoming arc. What remains to be seen, however, would be how each fighter would be selected for the multiverse battle.

From the leaked summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 80-83, it appears that the anime would be taking a break on March 12. The reasons for the weeklong break have not been revealed, but fans of the anime could expect that once DBS goes back on air the following week, it would immediately go full throttle on the plot of the Universe Survival Arc. With numerous fighters from a dozen universes to explore, Dragon Ball Super definitely appears to be entering its most epic saga yet.

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