Angelina Jolie And Kate Hudson Won’t Face-Off At The Golden Globes [Debunked]

Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson aren’t headed for an awards show face-off as a recent report has claimed.

Earlier this week, a Star magazine report hit the web which suggested that Angelina Jolie and her fellow actress, who was recently linked to her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, were ready to battle it out ahead of the upcoming 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

“The tension’s been building ever since Angelina Jolie got word of her ex Brad Pitt’s red-hot romance with Kate Hudson — and the Hollywood heavyweights may be on the verge of their first-ever face-off,” an alleged insider told the magazine, according to a report by Gossip Cop on January 4.

While Pitt and Hudson have been romantically linked to one another in recent months, there has been absolutely no evidence of a relationship between them, let alone a romance, and Gossip Cop has shot down the rumors claiming they are dating on multiple occasions.

Kate Hudson attends the 2016 Golden Globes

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September of last year and weeks later, a false report suggested that Pitt and Hudson were involved. A short time after that, a fake pregnancy rumor surfaced and reportedly pushed Angelina Jolie “closer to the edge” than she was when she first heard the false rumor regarding their alleged romance.

“I’ve heard that [Angelina Jolie] is out of her mind with jealousy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually seeks Kate out and angrily confronts her behind the scenes. But Kate is nothing if not feisty, and she could give Angie a real piece of her mind if she’s pushed!” the magazine source alleged.

Angelina Jolie “wants to march up to Kate at the awards and tell her she should be ashamed of herself for ‘seducing’ Brad,” the incorrect insider continued.

The fake story went on to suggest that Brad Pitt had actually told Angelina Jolie point blank that he’s moved on — and to “deal with it,” but the insider later claimed the idea was only what they thought his feeling towards the made up situation with Angelina Jolie would be.

In response to the outlet’s false story, Gossip Cop has confirmed that Kate Hudson is not pregnant with Pitt’s baby, nor are they dating one another following Pitt’s split from Angelina Jolie. So, when it comes to a face-off with Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes, there is simply no basis for any such thing.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the 2016 Innovator Awards

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt struck up a relationship with one another on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith when Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Then, after Aniston filed for divorce, Jolie and Pitt traveled to Kenya together with Maddox, who was adopted from Cambodia by Jolie and later adopted by Pitt as well.

For years, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continued to live together with their six children, three of whom are adopted and three of whom are biological. However, in August 2014, they suddenly wed at their home in France, Chateau Miraval.

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt appeared to enjoy several months of wedded bliss, they began to face rumors of a looming divorce in early 2016 and by spring of last year, rumors were swirling in regard to Pitt’s potential on-set affair with Marion Cotillard. For months, as Pitt and Cotillard filmed Allied in London, rumors continued to circulate the web and after Jolie filed for divorce, the rumors were revived.

In response to allegations of having played a part in the end of Angelina Jolie’s marriage, Cotillard took to Instagram where she shot down the idea and revealed that she was currently in a long-term relationship with Guillaume Canet — and expecting his second child.

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