The Shocking And Sickening World Of America’s Overcrowded Dog Farms

A puppy mill in Cabarrus County has been shut down and more than 100 puppies recovered after authorities raided the place only to discover the sickening conditions the dogs were subjected to.

The puppy mill was discovered at a residence along Hilton Lake Road in Cabarrus County which is just 25 miles north of Charlotte in North Carolina. A look at the residence from a far makes it appear as just any other property around the area, but the horrors that have been taking place inside are only known to the poor animals that have been living there.

The farm was one of the many sickening puppy mills in the world

According to reports, the Cabarrus County sheriff issued a search warrant on the property on Monday. They were accompanied by some officers from the Humane Society of the United States and to their surprise; they found out that the place was a dog farm. They discovered that the property was being used as a breeding facility but that is not the highlight of the story. They rescued three goats, 20 cats, and 105 dogs from the residence.

Dog Farms
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The animals were reportedly subjected to very sickening and deplorable conditions. Most of the rescued animals were reportedly in wanting medical condition and required urgent veterinary care. The rescued animals are now receiving the care they desperately need at the Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

A woman named Patricia Yates, 69, was arrested and has been charged with animal cruelty. The authorities carried out further investigation and discovered that the residence is registered as a home-based animal shelter but it failed inspection in 2013. The farm was in very unsanitary condition and the cages were rusty and that was just a tip of the proverbial iceberg. The farm's license as an animal shelter was revoked last year but it seems that the owners of the place maintained their operations illegally. It had also failed another inspection in 2014 due to poor sanitary conditions.

"North Carolina is one of a handful of states that has failed to enact any regulations for commercial dog breeders. The HSUS is urging the North Carolina legislature to enact meaningful reform that can prevent puppy mill cruelty in the state," reported Erica Geppi, the HSUS director for North Carolina.

The massive bust was courtesy of an anonymous tip received by the local authorities thus leading to the launch of an investigation on the property. The custody of the rescued animals will be decided by a pending court decision. It is believed that the dog factory was being used to breed animals that were then sold to pet shops. The recently busted puppy mill might be one of the many dog farms that do the same in the US and it is believed to be an illegal business.

Puppy Mills
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"Most every pup sold in stores in America comes from this kind of suffering – or worse. If you buy a puppy from a pet store, this is what you're paying for and nothing else: a dog raised in puppy-mill evil," stated John Goodwin, the head of the puppy mills campaign for HSUS.

The HSUS is, however, working on a database for pet shops so that prospective pet owners can check whether their desired pup has been raised in decent conditions. This move is expected to help push breeders to improve the health conditions of the animals as well as enhanced sanitation.

The database will also provide a list of stores that offer puppies for sale rather than for adoption. It will also include corresponding photos of the puppy mill from which each puppy was raised. It is the interest of the HSUS to set up structures that will discourage the existence of sickening dog farms.

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