‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers For Episode 2: Nick Viall Heads Out On His First Dates, Awkward Moments Are Ahead

Nick Viall is looking for love this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season. Viewers watched on Monday night as he initially met his bachelorettes and made his first cuts and next up is Episode 2 airing on Monday, January 9. What spoilers are available for this one?

TV Guide shares Bachelor spoilers revealing that one lady will be trying to hide her history with Viall and this is surely Liz Sandoz. She shared some awkward moments with Nick during the premiere and it sounds as if she will be anxious to keep the other ladies from finding out that she hooked up with Nick at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding last year.

Episode 2 has two group dates and Bachelor spoilers tease that Nick will do something shocking that leaves everybody stunned. One outing involves a wedding photo shoot and Viall will take one lucky lady away for some private time on a yacht. The other group date involves a place in Hollywood called the Museum of Broken Relationships and it seems that each of the six bachelorettes will need to act out a split with the man at the center of the new season.

Nick Viall is 'The Bachelor' lead for Season 21

Gossip guru Reality Steve adds some additional Bachelor spoilers to the mix of things for Episode 2. He notes that the wedding photo shoot group date will have some of the ladies playing brides, while the rest play bridesmaids. There are quite a few bachelorettes who go on this outing, with Vanessa Grimaldi, Sarah Vendal, Corinne Olympios, Hailey Merkt, Danielle Lombard, Alexis Waters, Taylor Nolan, and Brittany Farrar playing the role of brides. As for the bridesmaids, that grouping of ladies includes Raven Gates, Elizabeth Whitelaw, Jasmine Goode, and Lacey Mark.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve detail that there will be different types of brides included in the shoot and Corinne will be bummed out that she didn’t get the racy outfit. As a result, she takes off her top and puts Nick’s hands on her breasts, a move that naturally rattles the other ladies. However, Viall seems to like Corinne’s assertiveness as she reportedly gets the group date rose.

Viall’s other large outing involves Liz, Josephine Tutman, Jaimi King, Kristina Schulman, Astrid Loch, and Christen Whitney. Josephine will incorporate a slap into her faux breakup while Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that things will get a bit uncomfortable for Liz and Nick. While Sandoz may have been trying to keep her past with Viall a secret, it seems that she’ll have told Christen at least some of what previously happened and Christen will mention it to Nick.

Nick Viall stars in ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2017 season

Later in this outing, Bachelor spoilers note that Nick will pull aside Liz and eliminate her, while Christen will get the group date rose. There are three women who don’t get dates in this show, Dominique Alexis, Rachel Lindsay, and Whitney Fransway, but Danielle Maltby gets the first individual date of Season 21. Danielle and Nick will take a boat ride and go on the Ferris Wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone, and of course, she gets the rose.

There is a comical tidbit coming in relation to the Episode 2 rose ceremony, as Bachelor spoilers reveal that Corinne ended up too drunk to be at the ceremony. She was already safe since she scored a group date rose, but that is definitely not something that typically happens. In fact, Reality Steve teases that Olympios was drunk and passed out for apparently every rose ceremony, but this is the only one where she’ll be missing entirely.

When it comes time for the eliminations, Bachelor spoilers detail that Hailey Merkt, Lacey Mark, and Elizabeth Whitelaw will be sent home in addition to Liz’s earlier elimination. Nick Viall has said that he has found love during this fourth outing with the franchise and everybody will be curious to see if this is the relationship that can go the distance. Tune into ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season now airing on Monday nights to see if the spoilers regarding Viall’s final rose pan out to be correct.

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