‘The Affair’ Season 3 On Showtime Recap, Which Character Is The Most Messed Up? [Spoilers]

Warning: If you watch The Affair, but are not caught up, don’t read!

The Showtime drama, The Affair, is now in its third season and though fans didn’t think it could get any darker, or the characters more screwed up, nearly everyone continues to get swallowed up by quicksand as they flail around, making the same mistakes again and again. Adding to the drama is the Mr. Bridge/Mrs. Bridge dynamic that causes viewers confusion about what is really going on. So which character is the most believable, and who is circling the drain?

But devotees of The Affair can always count on one thing for sure, and that is that Noah and Helen’s children are serious brats, says the Inquisitr. Even the 4-year-old, Joanie is kind of annoying (is it too much to have one kid on the show who listens 50 percent of the time?). Sure, Noah and Helen have more on their mind (or they should), like killing someone with their car, too much drugs and drink in their lives (in any scene where they turn down wine, or a cocktail, within minutes, they then start drinking), and the big elephant who is always in the room, infidelity. Noah and Helen have four children for some reason, and yet don’t seem too interested in any of them, making the viewer wonder why?

Well, Allison is fresh out of the mental hospital (though she prefers retreat) and Noah is fresh out of prison, and possibly headed for a, um, retreat, and Helen is losing it, trying to keep the secret from the universe that she was the one driving when Scotty met his maker. Cole seemed to be the one of the four holding it together until he cheated on his new wife with his old wife, the unstable Allison.


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Even fans of The Affair find themselves thinking, what? Why? Oh no, on a regular basis. Just when one of the four seems to be breaking with horrible patterns, they get sucked back into the insanity. In reality, one of them might think about moving more than an hour away from the Hamptons.

Entertainment Weekly says that a new layer of the onion has peeled back, to ask the eternal question, do you really ever know anyone? The Mr. Bridge/Mrs Bridge (two books by Evan Connell, covering the same period of time, but told by a husband and a wife. It’s brilliant) storytelling is in high gear. We start with Helen, who brings Vic to meet her parents, who are still as awful as ever and have gotten back together. A comment by Helen’s father launches Helen into a thought process she can’t shake.

“At the end of the day, your mother just knows me better than anyone else ever will.”

Vic aside, Helen starts to spiral, wondering if she ever knew Noah, who is now missing. So Helen goes off in a quest, like This is Your Life, where she visits Noah’s sister Nina, who point blank asks Helen if she killed Scotty, and then Max, who is newly engaged, and is moving on. Well, we can’t have a happy character, so Helen seduces Max, and then ticks him off by talking about Noah. Max finally loses it at Helen, albeit three years too late.

“I can’t believe I fell for this sh-t again. It’s never about us, it’s always about him.”

Yes, Max, and it always will be. Run, be free! Get away from the cyclone of crazy! It must have stung Helen when Max calls her “Felon Helen.”

But fans have to be concerned that Noah seems to be seeing things, and not stuff that is really there. While Noah is healing from a stabbing, fans start to wonder if Noah might have stabbed himself.

Who do you think is in the biggest peril on The Affair?

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