Christian Woman Stabbed By Afghan Migrant For Reading The Holy Bible In Austrian Refugee Center

An Afghan migrant stabbed a Christian woman because she was reading the Holy Bible. The incident occurred in an Austrian refugee center where the woman was staying.

The 50-year-old Christian woman was a guest at the refugee center in Timelkam in Voecklamarkt in Upper Austria, where she was staying at an asylum seeker residence. Inside, there were multiple Christian residents residing there. Those residents asked the unnamed woman to meet with them and discuss the bible in the kitchen. The woman accepted the invitation and chose to read from the bible as the discussion continued.

A 22-year-old Afghan immigrant, according to Metro, heard the woman reading from the the Holy Bible and became irate. He rushed into the kitchen, taking the Christian group off guard, and stabbed the woman out of rage. He aimed for her upper body as he allowed the cold blade to fall down upon her.

It is unknown exactly how many times he attempted to stab the woman, but reports claim the Afghan man tried multiple times.

Christian Woman Stabbed By Afghan Migrant For Reading The Holy Bible In Austrian Refugee Center
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Although the Afghan attacker was forceful in his attempt to stab the Christian woman, his deadly blows from the blade were not successful. As though by some sort of miracle, the woman's thick coat protected her from any harm at the hands of the sharp steel, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the lack of harm by the Afghan attacker's assault, the woman did fall backward due to the force of the blows and injured her ear as she fell. However, she was not seriously hurt in the incident.

When police apprehended the Afghan man, he claimed he overreacted when he heard the woman reading from the bible and blamed his outrage on "personal problems."

Police took the man to Wels Prison, located in Upper Austria. It is unknown if he has been charged with his crime.

After the incident, many individuals took to social media, blaming the religion of Islam for the attack. Some claim the only way to end the violence is to ban Islam. The blatant call for the genocide of a religion seems to be counterproductive in the journey to world peace. Yet, some feel Islam should be erased from the face of the Earth, without an explanation as to what should happen to the followers of the religion.

Others feel that the violence that has been carried out is just a new way of life, saddened at the future in which individuals have to look over their shoulders and fear for others that are different from themselves.However, despite the violence that has been endured, the percentage of those inflicting the violence is quite small in comparison to the sheer numbers of any religion. It doesn't matter if an individual is a follower of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or another religion, there will always be those that choose violence as a way to further their goals, some hoping to become martyrs in the process.

Areas that have been hit hard by terrorist activity and single religious extremists are often the most vocal about eradicating the threat. Yet, is violence really the answer?

The increase in migrants entering Australia has brought forth a renewed interest in self-protection, as weapon sales have seen an increase in recent months. Some blame it on the unknowns associated with the influx of migrants, including the fear that some of the individuals entering the country may be associated with terror groups, such as ISIS.

The path to equality and world peace is paved with good intentions, yet the potholes within are often cesspools of anger and hate. Rather than jump in the puddles, why can't we just step over them and continue onward?

How do we stop the focus on hatred and veer toward equality and peace? Is a focus on the positive aspect of the religions that are deemed to be populated by extremists a way to overshadow the few that choose violence to spread fear? What are your thoughts?

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