Michigan: Stepfather Stabs And Sets Afire 5-Year-Old Girl Because She Wanted A Snack, Defends Actions By Stating He Just ‘Snapped’

A Michigan man has been arrested for stabbing his 5-year-old stepdaughter five times and then setting her afire. In attempt to defend his actions, the man simply stated that he ‘snapped’.

The incident occurred at the Old Orchard Apartment Complex in Mason, Michigan, near Lansing.

Luna Michelle Younger, five-years-old, entered her stepfather’s bedroom and asked for a snack. The stepfather, Thomas McClellan, was not in the mood to leave the bed to make her something to eat. As Luna lingered, refusing to leave the bedroom, McClellan became angry that she would not listen. That is when he ‘snapped’.

McClellan jumped from his bed and wrestled the small girl to the floor, according to Metro. With a knife in hand, McClellan stabbed Luna five times in the chest, killing her there on the floor.

Not satisfied with his horrific form of abuse, McClellan grabbed blankets from the bed and wrapped Luna in them. He carried her to the bathroom, where he placed her lifeless body in the bathtub and doused her with vodka. He them proceeded to ignite the vodka, setting the blankets and Luna’s body afire, hoping to hide the evidence.

As young Luna’s body burned in the bathtub, the flames soon grew out of control and began to spread throughout the ground floor apartment. the fire department was called to the scene to extinguish the flames and determine the root cause. Corey Drolett, a firefighter on the scene, stated that he believed Luna to be hiding somewhere in the apartment, attempting to stay away from the flames. However, as he searched, it was discovered that her body was wrapped in the blankets, smoldering within.

McClellan did not admit to the murder at the time, instead allowing investigators to put the puzzle pieces together.

Luna’s mother, Victoria McClellan, was not home at the time her daughter was murdered. She claims she was at work when the incident occurred. However, upon further investigation, Victoria McClellan did claim that she argued with Thomas McClellan earlier in the day. It is unknown whether that argument led to the senseless murder of 5-year-old Luna.

Victoria McClellan discovered that Thomas was the antagonist in the death of her daughter and pleaded with him to turn himself in. After some prodding, he finally complied to her request.

According to WLNS Channel 6, McClellan set the fire in hopes of ridding the apartment of evidence, thinking that maybe the fire would burn away the stab wounds. However, the evidence was pretty clear upon further investigation.

Victoria McClellan has not spoken out publicly regarding the murder of her daughter, at this time.

According to the Lansing State Journal, McClellan has been charged with the murder of young Luna Michelle Younger, as well as first-degree child abuse, and first-degree arson. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison for his November 1, 2016, actions.

Senseless murders, such as this one, are often not premeditated and acted out as a result of an unintentional bout of built up anger of sorts. The assailant often ‘snaps’ as McClellan claims happened to him. Rather than simply cater to the young child’s needs and spend five minutes making her a snack, he will now potentially spend the rest of his life in prison, catering to the demands of others that guide his existence to their wills, rather than existing in freedom. His conscience may, or may not, dwell on the despicable actions he carried out against young Luna, but each day behind bars will be a reminder of his misdeed.

Do you believe life in prison is a harsh enough sentence for McClellan?

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