UFO ‘Beams Up’ Alien Passengers On Live Camera, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained convincing video evidence of the presence of a climate-controlled alien UFO base constructed deep inside the active Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. The evidence, according to ET hunters, was obtained from footage taken by a camera installed to monitor the volcano’s activity. But while recording an eruption, the camera accidentally captured an alien saucer UFO that flew low over the mouth of the volcano, dropping off and picking up alien passengers and supplies before flying away.

But following public excitement over the latest UFO sighting report, astronomers in Costa Rica issued a statement dismissing the claim that the mysterious object that flew over the volcano on Tuesday at about 10:25 p.m. (local time) was a UFO. The video does not show an alien UFO flying over the Turrialba volcano, according to astronomers. Rather, it shows a meteor fireball disintegrating over the volcano.

Disputing the claim by astronomers that the video shows a meteor fireball, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring claimed in a post to his popular UFO Sightings Daily blog on December 31, 2016, that careful analysis of still frames from the footage disproves the meteor theory. The still frames, according to Waring, reveal a huge flying saucer UFO, about 75 meters to 100 meters in diameter, flying over the volcano crater as it erupted. Further analysis reveals the massive UFO beaming down an alien passenger before beaming up another (see video above).

According to Waring, who has often accused governments and the official academia of colluding to cover up UFO evidence, it is clear from the footage that a UFO flew over the volcano. The object could not have been a meteor fireball because the footage shows it flying in a horizontal plane over the mouth of the volcano while meteors fall in a more or less vertical plane from the sky.

The object paused momentarily as it flew over the mouth of the volcano to beam up or beam down alien passengers and supplies to a climate-controlled alien UFO base located deep beneath the volcano, before flying away, according to the UFO hunter.

“The UFO made sure to come low in a horizontal position so that it could beam up supplies and people and drop them off,” the UFO blogger argued.

UFO flies over volcano
Flying saucer UFO hovers over Volcano beams down alien passengers, according to UFO hunters [Image by Ursatii/Shutterstock]

The footage, according to the alien hunter, shows a powerful burst of energy above and below the alien UFO generated by the craft’s teleportation device as it flew low over the summit of the volcano.

“This UFO looks to be about 75 to 100 meters,” the UFO hunter wrote. “Did you notice the burst of energy above and below the UFO as it reached the volcano’s summit?”

Waring, a Star Trek fan, believes that alien UFOs are equipped with teleportation devices similar to and possibly more advanced than the fictional teleportation machine installed inside Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. The USS Enterprise transporter machine is able to convert a physical object into patterns of energy that encode information about the structure of the physical object and then reconvert the information into matter at another location.

“It only takes a split second for alien tech to accomplish [teleportation] so it should be no surprise to see it happen on video.”

Turrialba volcano erupts
Turrialba volcano erupting in Costa Rica [Image by Rodtico21 | Wikimedia Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY-SA 4.0]

Waring then went on to claim that aliens “strategically” established secret underground UFO bases inside Earth’s most active volcanoes “tens of thousands of years ago.” The bases were established inside active volcanoes to hide them from humans, as the interior of active volcanoes are inaccessible to humans. Other bases were established in other remote, isolated and inaccessible spots, such as under thick ice sheets at the North Pole and Antarctica, and deep underwater.

“Some of these [ancient] bases still exist,” the alien hunter continued, “for instance, five to six kilometers below Turrialba volcano. These ancient alien bases have many species of aliens in them, not just one.”

The alien hunter claimed that a massive ancient alien base still exists below a castle at Rocca Pia in Italy that accommodates about 56 different alien species. Major alien bases also exist deep beneath major active volcanoes in Mexico, such as the famous Colima and Popocatepetl volcanoes.

The presence of alien beings and UFO activity near major active volcanoes explain the ancient Aztec and Mayan legends that link the gods with volcanoes and mountains.

This is not the first time that alien hunters have claimed a sighting involving an alien UFO dropping off alien passengers and supplies by flying low over the mouth of an active volcano. The Inquisitr reported in January 2016 that alien hunters claimed to have obtained footage showing a mysterious cigar-shaped UFO airdropping cargo into a secret alien based located deep beneath the erupting Colima volcano (Volcán de Colima) in western Mexico. The Colima volcano resumed activity early last year after nearly a century of silence, forcing the authorities to issue an evacuation order.

Waring argued that the alien UFO was an interstellar “transport craft” hiding behind cloud and smoke from the erupting volcano to “sneak something” into the volcano crater.

“The UFO passes over and through the lava shot up from the mouth of the volcano,” Waring wrote in a post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “As it gets above the mouth, there is a bust of light and all goes black. The UFO then flies away.”

“I believe that the UFO… transported someone or something to or from the underground base below the volcano.”

Many UFO enthusiasts agreed with Waring’s analysis of the footage and some suggested that the alien UFO most likely beamed down or beamed up an alien astronaut as it flew over the volcano.

Alien hunters have also reported sighting a cigar-shaped UFO flying straight into the mouth of erupting Popocatepetl, one of Mexico’s most active volcanoes, located in the states of Puebla and Morelos in Mexico.

[Featured Image by Ursatii/Shutterstock]