Corey Brooks And Nicole Franzel Are Together Again: ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars Reunite In Texas Ahead Of New Year’s Eve

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks got quite close to one another during their time in the Big Brother 18 house last summer and they have remained close post-BB18. Nicole and Corey, dubbed “Nicorey” by their dedicated fan base, have not shared much in the way of specifics when it comes to their current relationship status. However, they have spent quite a bit of time together and their supporters were thrilled to see them together again as of Thursday evening.

All three showmances from the Big Brother 18 house faced geographical challenges once the finale aired and everybody transitioned back to real life, but so far, all three seemingly continue to thrive. Nicole Franzel lives in Ubly, Michigan, while Corey Brooks lives in Dallas, Texas, but the BB18 stars have managed to squeeze in numerous visits since their season ended. To the surprise of many Nicorey followers, they just reunited and it looks like they are already having a blast.

About a month ago, Brooks visited Franzel for the first time in Michigan, and she recently stopped in Texas for a couple of days before the Big Brother 18 duo headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to hang out with fellow show alum Caleb Reynolds, his wife Ashley, and Bachelorette lovebirds Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth. While in Dallas Nicole helped Corey spread some cheer with his “Corey’s Elves” charity project and they had a blast in Nashville together.

Nicorey fans did not necessarily expect to see these two reunited again so quickly, but the BB18 stars do love to surprise their supporters. Some had a hunch that another visit was about to begin and they were correct. As the fan Twitter page Nicorey Moments shared, Brooks revealed via Snapchat Thursday night that Franzel was back in Dallas for another stint.

Not only is Nicole in Dallas once again to hang out with Corey, but she seemingly brought a lot of luggage and Brooks even joked about wondering how long Franzel thought she was staying. The Big Brother 18 star did make a reference in another Snapchat video regarding how it would be a crazy weekend for him, as she has a Michigan pal in Dallas with her, but he didn’t look terribly worried about being able to handle all of the chaos ahead.

Additional Snapchat videos from Brooks’ friends showed that Franzel jumped right into a game night as everybody gathered for some drinks and fun, and Nicorey followers cannot wait to see what else Franzel and Brooks do with this next visit. Some are hoping that the volume of luggage the Big Brother 18 winner lugged along is a sign of a longer-than-usual stay or an additional trip tagged onto this visit, but so far, it sounds like these two are just embracing the opportunity to spend a few more days together.

What comes next for Nicole and Corey? The pair’s supporters don’t really know where things are headed for Franzel and Brooks, as they have yet to officially confirm for their Big Brother 18 fans that they are even dating. Despite the slight air of mystery surrounding the status of this pair’s relationship, Nicorey fans adore the two together and have no doubt that they are doing well in a full-fledged romance and are planning plenty of additional get-togethers.

Franzel and Brooks have talked about additional trips, but at this point, BB18 followers don’t know for certain what comes next beyond this pre-New Year’s Eve visit. There is a fair amount of speculation about what else may be on the horizon, but the bottom line is that Nicorey fans adore Nicole and Corey together and just support them as they navigate this long-distance relationship of theirs.

How long will Nicole and Corey be together this time, and will this visit in Texas transition into another adventure for the two of some sort? Nicorey fans cannot get enough of this Big Brother 18 pair and are rooting for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks both individually and as a couple as they progress in their post-BB18 relationship and tackle whatever comes next.

[Featured Image by Nicole Franzel/Instagram]