Corey Brooks And Nicole Franzel Reunite: What’s The Latest From The ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars? [Updated]

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks grew quite close to one another last summer on Big Brother 18, and their relationship has extended beyond BB18 and into regular life. Nicole and Corey, dubbed “Nicorey” by their fans, are facing a long-distance relationship, but they seem to be making things work. The two have spent the last few days together, and their supporters are anxious to know more about how things are going.

Nicorey fans were quite anxious to see whether Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks would be tackling a real-life romance once Big Brother 18 ended, and despite some hiccups along the way, both BB18 houseguests seemed open to the possibility as last season ended. Unfortunately, they do face a distance issue, since he lives in the Dallas, Texas area, and she is in Ubly, Michigan.

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Shortly after the BB18 finale, Nicole headed to Texas and spent a long weekend with Corey. The two seemed to have a fabulous time, and while they played coy about the actual status of their relationship, they talked quite a bit about upcoming visits they were planning. The two spent Halloween together in Canada alongside fellow Big Brother 18 lovebirds Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore, and Nicorey fans knew that there was another big trip slated to happen in early December.

Nicorey supporters were thrilled to see that Brooks indeed headed to Michigan this past weekend as had previously detailed would happen and it looks like he had a lot of fun with Franzel in her hometown. A tweet from Corey when he first arrived in Ubly on November 30 showed his temporary digs at the Franzel family home, and the two hit a Detroit Red Wings hockey game together as well.

Corey and Nicole shared a few updates via social media throughout Brooks’ visit to Michigan, although Nicorey fans would love to have seen more. Franzel gave Brooks a tour of Ubly, a town that she is the first to joke about given that it’s only got about 850 residents and is described by the city itself as a “cozy community,” and he managed to share a few quips about just how small the town truly is.

The two spent time hanging out with many of Franzel’s friends and family and embraced the holiday spirit in Ubly as they hit a night out on the town and an ugly sweater Christmas party. Big Brother 18 fans suspected that Brooks would be headed back to Dallas relatively soon after the couple’s fun party, and indeed he revealed via Twitter on Monday that he was flying back to Dallas. However, he thanked Franzel for the fun visit and it looks like he had a blast.

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What comes next for Nicorey? The two BB18 stars have mentioned other potential trips that they would like to take in the coming months, but their supporters will have to stay tuned to see how the travel plans come together. Everybody would have loved to see perhaps a Periscope video from the Big Brother 18 pair, as they did one while they were in Texas together, but Nicole and Corey stuck to a handful of Twitter and Instagram posts with updates for the most part instead.

The Big Brother 18 stars continue to face questions from followers about the status of their relationship, and Brooks and Franzel continue to leave things somewhat open to interpretation. Most dedicated Nicorey fans feel certain that the two are dating and doing well and everybody will look forward to seeing what comes next. BB18 fans of Nicole and Corey’s love the two together and see a lot of potential for this to turn into something long-lasting, but it doesn’t look like either of the stars want to reveal much in the way of specifics at this point.

Do you think that Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks can successfully transition their Big Brother 18 showmance into a lasting real-life romance? What comes next for Nicorey as they readjust to regular life outside of the BB18 house?

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