March 13, 2017
'This Is Us' Finale - What Is The 'Never Before Seen' Moment That Is So Painful?

On Tuesday night, everyone knows that the season finale of This Is Us is going to air and likely break a lot of hearts. Anyone who is a fan of the show knows that there will be a lot of tears shed as that has become quite common for the hit NBC series. On the season finale, though, there will be a "never before seen" moment that is going to be extremely "painful," and everyone is wondering just what trauma is coming their way.

It may seem to some as if This Is Us has been on for years, but Tuesday will only mark the season finale of its first run. The time-jumping series has captured the hearts of the world and the creators of the series believe they haven't even really started yet.

Creator Dan Fogelman recently spoke with Variety regarding the upcoming season finale, and it is not going to be an easy week for anyone.

Fogelman went on to say that This Is Us is one of those shows that you know is going to make you cry and feel a lot of emotions that not everyone knows they have. It wasn't exactly expected to be the smash hit it has become, and he states that "it caught everyone by surprise - myself primarily."

Please note that from this point forward, there could be possible spoilers for the current season of This Is Us. If you are not caught up, then, stop reading now.

As things have jumped back and forth in time during this season, everyone really just wants to know how Milo Ventimiglia's character of Jack ends up dying. All of the fans believe the big reveal is right around the corner and according to what Milo told the Hollywood Reporter, it's a "rocky ride at the end."

Fogelman has discussed a scene between Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that has never been seen before on television. Ventimiglia speaks on that and says that even working on it was hard.

"It was pretty painful. Heartbreaking … some place that we'd never been with This Is Us, and it was just one of those moments that you were grateful for the work and grateful for the words you get to say and the partner you get to be in a scene with. It was one of those scenes. We've had several of those throughout the season; there's not one scene that goes by that I don't put my whole heart into, but there has been so much that still echoes in me and I think about and consider. But at the end, I would say there are two, maybe three truly impactful scenes that kind of flow well and lead the season out. It's hard to talk about being on the inside of them. It's much easier for me to talk about other people's work."
With the ending of the first season coming quickly, Milo states that fans of This Is Us need to have already moved past their last heartache.Yes, the passing of William was extremely sad, but he states that he hopes everyone has already "recovered" from it in time for the season finale. He says that the rocky road at the end is coming and people simply need to "get ready."

Is it even possible to wipe our eyes even more? No-one knows for sure what is coming and the cast hasn't given much away, but break out the tissues.

The This Is Us episode titled "Moonshadow" may be a rather vague name and one that doesn't mean much to many people, but it will. The "never before seen" moment is going to bring about tears, hard emotions, and it will be quite "painful," but we won't know what it truly is until it arrives. The season finale of This Is Us is going to tear apart those that love the show, but it will only leave them wanting more for the next go-round.

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