Hurricane Sandy Increases Netflix Streaming On The East Coast By 20 Percent

Hurricane Sandy has reportedly caused traffic on Netflix streaming to increase by nearly 20 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times. Since a large number of people chose to stay inside and weather the storm from the safety of their homes, many individuals wiled away the hours watching content on the popular service.

Netflix claims that streaming on the East Coast has been up considerably since Sunday. When compared to last week’s number, viewing was up roughly 20 percent. Streaming from New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Boston reportedly contributed to the increase.

According to CNN, the company saw a noticeable spike in children’s content being streamed early Monday morning. Schools and many businesses were closed due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy, a fact which may have given the Netflix service an unexpected workout.

“We’re glad we can provide people some great entertainment while they’re hunkered down for the storm,” spokesperson Joris Evers explained. While the company was quick to reveal that more people were using the service, they did give any specifics as to what its customers were watching.

It’s currently unclear if any of the company’s competitors also experienced an increase in traffic from those areas positioned in the storm’s path.


In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, some websites put together suggested-viewing lists littered with quality movies and television shows currently available through various streaming services. The folks at Vulture recommended such selections as Workaholics, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and two of the three Godfather films.

Of course, the only way people can enjoy Netflix is if they have electricity. Presently, there are over eight million people currently without power across the northeast. According to reports, officials are a little unsure when power will be properly restored to these areas.

Were you one of the people watching content on Netflix while braving Hurricane Sandy?