‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Cersei’s Fateful Interactions With Her Brothers [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones Season 7 will be the penultimate one for the HBO hit, and there is much yet to settle. Among the characters whose ultimate fate fans are eager to learn is Cersei. She may have been sitting on the Iron Throne when we last saw her, but that very well may not last for long. After all, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will both challenge her for that position. And brother/lover Jaime didn’t look all that enthused at the sight of her in the coveted seat. In Season 6 of Game of Thrones, the new queen lost her last child, Tommen, as the result of more of her power hungry ways. He seemed to be her last tie to any kind of sentimentality or sense of goodness. With him gone, she will likely be more ruthless than ever, and that’s saying a lot. What might Season 7 hold for Cersei?

The most obvious and likely thing that is expected to happen to Cersei in Season 7 of Game of Thrones is a battle between her and Dany. This seems inevitable. At the close of Season 6, we saw Dany, Tyrion, Varys, and other Khaleesi supporters sailing to Kings Landing to take the Iron Throne. They will find Cersei in that spot, but that won’t stop Dany. She will arrive fully expecting to have to battle someone for the position of power, and she isn’t likely to back down when she finds that someone is Cersei. But there are more implications to the arrival of Dany’s clan to Kings Landing. Implications that should make things very interesting.

Among the people who will be arriving in Kings Landing with Dany is Tyrion Lanister, who hasn’t seen either his sister Cersei or Jon Snow for a couple of seasons of Game of Thrones now, and he isn’t exactly on either of their lists of favorite people. But of the two, it’s probably safe to say that he is more hated by his sister than by Jon. At the top of Jon’s mind at this point is battling the White Walkers. Neither women are aware of their urgent threat. Tyrion would be a logical go-between for Jon and Cersei. While there is no love lost between these two Lannister siblings, at least there is a relationship and familiarity, more than Snow has. He could be his “in,” his way of opening communication with the queen to try to convince her of the imminent threat of the White Walkers and get her support in what is sure to be an epic Game of Thrones battle between Westeros and the White Walkers.

We can’t forget though that there is another Lannister brother, one who has been on better, much better, terms with the current holder of the Iron Throne throughout Game of Thrones. Jaime is the brother with whom Cersei has a long-term incestuous relationship. They are twins. Back in Season 5 of Game of Thrones we learned of a prophecy that was told to the Lannister sister back in her youth. A prophecy that has been fulfilled except for one thing – her death at the hands of a younger brother. This prophecy is one reason for the animosity between Cersei and Tyrion, her younger brother, but Jaime is also younger than she. He is younger only by minutes, but he is younger. It’s widely believed that he will kill his sister in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. The looks exchanged between the two in the Season 6 finale was not one of mutual joy or pride. It was pretty clear that Jaime is not happy about his sister’s new position and how she may have acquired it. He still has a sense of morality (I know, strange to say about someone in an incestuous relationship), and she does not. She is completely ruthless now, and it was written all over her face when the two exchanged that look. Jaime may very well feel some sort of moral obligation to remove her from the throne through force (aka murder).

Game of Thrones has so much ground to cover in its last two seasons. We’re told they will be shorter, but they will be at least as action-packed as previous seasons. Cersei’s fate is only one of many things we’re anxious to see played out on our screens. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen as quickly as we’d like. New episodes of Game of Thrones aren’t expected until probably the summer of 2017.

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