Police Standoff In Glendale: Man Stabbed Mother, Toddler, And Baby In Panorama City

The police are currently in a standoff with a man responsible for stabbing a mother, toddler, and a baby in Panorama City, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The crime was reported just after 1:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, and police and paramedics responded to an apartment complex at the 8800 block of Tobias Avenue.

When they arrived, a woman, a toddler, and a 3-month-old baby were all stabbed. They were rushed to the hospital where the mother, who was stabbed multiple times in the back, as well as the toddler, both had to undergo surgery. The baby also had a stab wound to the leg, ABC 7 revealed.

While it has been reported by CBS Los Angeles that two adults and one child were the victims of this stabbing, all additional sources reveal that a woman, a toddler, and a baby were the victims.

Neighbors told ABC 7 that the woman was seen or heard arguing with her ex-boyfriend, who was also the toddler’s father. Next thing you know, the suspect was running from the scene.

According to CBS Los Angeles, LAPD pursued a police chase with the suspect in Glendale. Eventually, the driver lost control of his vehicle near Chevy Chase Country Club. His car flipped over on its roof. The suspect quickly fled the car and took cover under a tree. When the CBSLA’s helicopter spotted him, he began to climb a home under construction.

The suspect is currently on a standoff inside the home near Buckingham Road.

The woman and the toddler are said to be in critical condition, but nothing more has been revealed about their condition.

Desmond Shaw, who was in the helicopter, wasn’t fully aware at the time that the man was wanted for the stabbings.

“We heard that the want on this was for a 187-suspect which is the LAPD code for murder.”

The man was sitting on the construction beams of the home. Around 4:30 p.m., several officers, as well as the K-9 Unit, surrounded the suspect.

Currently, the man has not surrendered and the standoff is still active. The police were calling in SWAT, as well as a crisis negotiation team, according to Earthly Mails.

A deadly stabbing occurred in Florida over the weekend at a large gathering, Wear TV reports. On Saturday night, at least two people were stabbed, including 18-year-old Daniel Jebadia Lee Bubanas, who died at the scene.

A deadly stabbing at a large gathering in Florida leaves one person dead and another wounded.
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The second victim was rushed to a local hospital with unknown injuries. There were at least 50 people present when the stabbing occurred, and the police are questioning each and every person. The police have not revealed how many “persons of interest” they have.

A spokesman for the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Rich Aloy, said that this investigation will take some time.

“I don’t know if it was a party, I know it was a gathering. This is going to take some time, because of the large amount of people involved or possibly present at the time. So right now, we’re going through the investigative process.”

The stabbing took place in a wooded area near River Birch Road around 10:45 p.m., which is close to Highway 98 and Bergren Road.

Updates to both stories will be available by the Inquisitr as more information becomes available. We are regularly seeking updates on the current standoff involving the stabbing suspect, but as of 9:00 p.m., the suspect is still standing on the constructed home in Glendale, surrounded by police, the SWAT team, as well as a crisis negotiation team.

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