Joe Mixon Video: Amelia ‘Mia’ Molitor Punched By Joe — Mixon Deletes Instagram, Molitor Deletes Twitter, Facebook

The video of Joe Mixon punching Amelia Molitor in the face is making the rounds — more than two years after the incident happened in 2014. As seen in the below video, Mixon — a star player for the University of Oklahoma — threw a pretty hard punch at Molitor — and folks are shocked by the graphic nature of the punch.

Warning: The below video contains graphic and disturbing content.

According to KFOR, Mixon published the following Instagram post prior to deleting his Instagram account. As seen in the below Instagram photo, Mixon noted that at the end of the day, “God got me,” as he wrote, next to the “100” emoji that means a person is “keeping it 100” — or telling the truth as they see it.

Although Joe Mixon recently deleted his Instagram account, Amelia Molitor had already deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts, according to News OK. Amelia found the need to do so after the incident with Joe went viral in her own life, after he entered the Pickleman’s establishment and had the run-in with Molitor that would change her life. Amelia had just turned 18, but she reportedly had enough chutzpah to defend her friend against Joe Mixon, whom allegedly made a homosexual slur.

Molitor did not know Mixon, but she shoved him anyway. Molitor then slapped Joe. Instead of walking away from her, Mixon clocked her with a closed fist punch that sent Molitor to the ground. Mixon can be seen walking out of the eatery in the video soon afterward. Molitor, meanwhile, tried to get her bearings after Mixon left, since her head landed on a table prior to hitting the ground.

[Image by Sue Ogrocki/AP Images]

Amelia’s injuries included broken jaw bones, a fractured cheekbone — as well as other bones in her face. Molitor recovered from her injuries eventually, but had no idea that night what being punched by a famous Oklahoma running back would do to the trajectory of her life.

Although her jaw was initially wired shut, Molitor would not remain silent forever — but has continued to tell her story of the aftermath of the punch. Mixon and Molitor did not know each other the night of the punch, and according to KFOR, Mixon was suspended for his punch that leveled Amelia. Initially, the city of Norman, along with the Norman Police Department and the DA would not release the controversial video. Certain media members were allowed to view the graphic video of Mixon punching Amelia — and now the public at large is finally able to view the incident.

joe mixon
[Image by Sue Ogrocki/AP Images]

According to Mixon’s lawyer, Joe is apologetic for the punch he sent Molitor’s way that night. Meanwhile, as reported by ESPN, the University of Oklahoma has issued a statement in the wake of Mixon’s video going viral. It reads in part as follows.

“University officials were made aware of the content of the video prior to taking action with respect to Joe Mixon. Based on that information, the university immediately suspended and removed Mr. Mixon from the football team for one year, during which high standards of conduct were expected and maintained. It was made clear to Mr. Mixon at the time of his suspension that violence against women will not go unpunished at the university. Mr. Mixon has apologized for his actions and the university hopes that it is an indication that he has learned from his mistakes. We are an educational institution where we hope young people will learn from their mistakes and chart a better future course.”

The release of the video showing Mixon punching Amelia has caused a strong reaction on social media, with Twitter reacting to Molitor’s plight in a variety of ways.

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