‘Goblin’ K-Drama Ep 5 Review, Ep 6 Preview: Incoming Tragedy As Fans Are Taken On Emotional Roller Coaster

Since it debuted a few weeks ago, acclaimed K-drama Goblin has been pretty consistent in its pace and quality, taking viewers from one emotional roller coaster to the next. With Goblin Ep 5, the plot of the new series has managed to progress significantly forward, featuring numerous scenes that evoked both laughter and tears from the audience. Over the course of the episode, fans were finally shown glimpses of the upcoming time skip, most of which seem to be pointing towards an impending tragedy.

Goblin Ep 5 was quite satisfactory, the way that the K-drama has been since its debut. The cinematography remained top notch, with numerous fans stating that watching the series feels like viewing a feature length film. The previous episode continued this, as Episode 5 included some of the best-directed and well-shot scenes in the K-drama so far. Plot-wise, the series finally appears to be gearing up for the highly anticipated time skip to the present day.

One of the most notable things in Goblin Ep 5 was the slow but deliberate additions of flash forward scenes, featuring a more mature, present-day Eun-Tak, who seems to be alone. In the current timeline of the K-drama, Eun Tak could see Kim Shin, the Goblin, almost on a consistent basis. Thus, the titular character’s absence in the flash forward scenes has managed to trigger speculations from fans that something very tragic would happen within the next few episodes.

Even before the first episode of Goblin aired, it was established that the K-drama would primarily be exploring two different timelines, one set in 2008 with Eun-Tak as a teenager and another set in the present day with the Goblin’s bride already an adult. So far, Episodes 1 to 5 has been set in 2008, as the series continued to develop the relationship between Kim Shik and Eun-Tak. Considering that the K-drama is only scheduled for 16 episodes, there is a good chance that a time skip to the present would happen soon.

Goblin is essentially a story of a once-powerful general who was cursed with immortality after being assassinated by a jealous king. Thus, over the course of centuries, the titular character has always been searching for a way to die. By meeting his destined bride, the notion of his morality has become a lot more real, and during the last two episodes, Kim Shik has begun to struggle with the thought of finally ending his long, and pretty empty life. With this in mind, and considering K-dramas’ tendency to pull unmercifully at the heartstrings of its viewers, it would be no surprise if something tragic would happen sooner than anyone expected.

'Goblin' Ep 5 was a roller coaster of emotions for the series' viewers.
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After all, the series has proven that it is directed with the utmost care and deliberation. Thus, each scene that was shown has significant meaning to Goblin‘s plot as a whole. This means that for all intents and purposes, the flash forward scenes featuring an adult Eun Tak who is seemingly alone must have a huge significance to the K-drama’s overall plot. Couple this with the heartbreaking Goblin Episode 6 preview and the K-drama has all but confirmed that something very tragic is on the way.

Goblin deserves admiration, however, for managing to balance its more serious themes with scenes that are lighter and downright humorous. The K-drama has managed to do this since Episode 1, and its humor has reached a new peak with Episode 5. Numerous fans, for example, have found many laughs in the scenes involving the Goblin and the Grim Reaper on their first experience with a smartphone App Store. For a series where the main character’s goal is to die, props have to be given to Goblin for managing to unravel its story in a way that is not too edgy, nor overly dramatic.

Goblin Ep 5 was able to provide viewers with the first steps in the inevitable transition of the plot to the present. True to form, this shift would most likely be filled with a lot of memorable tear-jerking scenes from the main characters. Despite the upcoming heartbreak that is sure to come in the series, however, fans could rest assured that the K-drama would be a ride that is worth every single moment.


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