‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Ep 4 Review, Ep 5 Preview: Kim Shin Faces Mortality And Death Before Time Skip

Goblin Ep 4 aired last Saturday, and it continued the pace set by the new K-drama’s previous episodes. As the titular goblin and his destined bride continued to progress in their relationship, the immortal god started facing his possible mortality and impending death seriously for the first time. What’s more, the preview for Goblin Episode 5 seemed to tease that the popular 2016 K-drama would most likely drop a huge bombshell on next week’s episode, as Eun-Tak, the goblin’s bride, began pulling out the mystical sword embedded on Kim Shin’s heart, possibly releasing the immortal from his everlasting life.

The fourth episode of Goblin managed to push the plot further forward, as more details about Kim Shin’s mortality were revealed. Through humorous interactions with his companion, the Grim Reaper, it was revealed that the 900-year-old goblin actually fears his demise, especially since his bride, who is destined to rid him of his mortality, has already appeared. While the scenes involving the titular character and his companion were done with much humor, the undertones of the scenes were undeniable.

One thing that K-drama fans noted on Goblin Ep 4 was that over the course of his extremely long life, Kim Shin has touched the lives of numerous people. This was shown in a rather touching scene when the titular character helped an old man who he once helped transition to the afterlife. Despite this, however, his own death was something that the powerful god has never really faced firsthand, at least for the last few hundred years. Thus, with the arrival of the one person who could make him mortal once more, Kim Shik began facing a crisis he has not dealt with in a long time — the crisis of impending death.

'Goblin' has managed to earn widespread acclaim due to the quality of its writing and its beautiful cinematography.
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Another thing that stood out in Goblin Ep 4 was the further steps the K-drama took in order to develop the relationship between Kim Shik and Eun-Tak. From the beginning of the episode when the teenage girl wanted to live in his place, to their humorous pseudo-date, the chemistry between the two characters was unmistakable. During the course of their time together, the titular character’s feelings for his extremely young bride developed further, and while the age gap between Kim Shin and Eun-Tak was still a point of conflict for some fans of the series, their scenes together worked pretty well.

Overall, Goblin Ep 4 was just as strong as its predecessor. The new 2016 K-drama seemed to have hit the sweet spot for its pacing, and it showed during the episode. Unlike the first two episodes, which could easily have been more concise, Goblin Ep 4 progressed just fast enough to make it enjoyable and deliberate enough to make it intricate. From what could be seen in Goblin Episode 5’s preview, however, it appears that before the series goes through its inevitable time skip to the present day (Episode 4 is still set in 2008), some significant drama is set to happen.

The preview for Goblin Episode 5 was brief, yet very notable, as it was shown in the teaser that Eun-Tak was attempting to pull out the mystical sword embedded in the goblin’s heart. It should be noted that according to the K-drama’s lore, the sword in the god’s heart could only be pulled out by his destined bride, and by doing so, the goblin would be rid of his immortality. What this really means for the K-drama’s plot remains to be seen, however.

'Goblin' Ep 5 seems to be teasing a dramatic twist next week.
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While the K-drama has not revealed exactly what would happen if the sword on the goblin’s heart is pulled out, numerous fans are speculating that it would most likely lead to two things: Kim Shik might finally be mortal, or the immortal god would finally die. The latter has managed to get numerous K-drama aficionados very apprehensive, as the possibility of the goblin’s death before the inevitable time skip to the present day is something that would definitely shake the series to its core.

Then again, if there is anything that Korean dramas are famous for, it is the fact that anything could really happen. K-dramas usually follow a non-linear plot, and it is one of the things that made them so popular worldwide, garnering millions of fans even in Western countries. Thus, as much as the likelihood of the series killing off the titular character on Goblin Episode 5 are rather slim, there is a legitimate chance that the series might do just that. The new 2016 K-drama has so far progressed very well, and from what could be seen so far, its plot is bound to get a lot more interesting with every episode. Goblin Ep 4 was met with good reviews from the K-drama community, and from what could be seen on Episode 5’s preview, it seems like it would just get better with time.

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