Pastor In North Texas Killed

Police authorities in Forest Hill, a Fort Worth suburb, did not say why the unidentified man had attacked the pastor, Reverend Danny Kirk Sr., in Northern Texas. Kirk was Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church’s founding pastor.

Shortly after being taken into custody, the suspect died also.

Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis said officers quickly arrived at the scene to find an assault inside the church happening, reports.

The suspect drove the car into the church wall, before noon on Monday, which he is believed to have done on purpose. He quickly got out of his car and began attacking the pastor before the two went back into the church, Dennis said.

During the conflict, the church secretary called 911 and went to hide while police made their way to the church.

An officer had to use a Taser in order to pacify and then handcuff the suspect. The suspect was then put into the back of a police car and taken into custody.

By the time the suspect was taken away, the pastor was already dead. A maintenance worker at the church tried to intervene in order to help Kirk, but was injured while doing so. The condition of the worker is unknown.

According to Dennis, the motive remains unknown.

Not long after the fatal incident, hundreds of people went to the crime scene to see what had happened, also to mourn the loss of the pastor.

The church has several hundred members and Kirk was considered to always have a pleasant disposition. Montoya McNeil, a member of the church for the last eight years told the Associated Press that the congregation looked forward to being at church with Kirk:

“He really was concerned about our souls. You looked forward to being here. … I’m not asking God why, because I know where he [Kirk] is, but we won’t get those big bear hugs and those great sermons anymore.”