‘Don’t Vote Trump!’– New Video Shows Trump Supporter David Wilcox Being Dragged By Speeding Car, Thrown Off [Graphic]

David Wilcox of Chicago was seen in video footage that went viral earlier this year, as reported by the Inquisitr, that featured David being beaten by a group that yelled at Wilcox as he was being beaten. “You voted Trump? Don’t vote Trump!” The jeers and laughter could be heard as Wilcox stumbled to get up and enter his car, yet Wilcox was continually beaten. As seen in the following graphic video, David appeared to try to get back in his car, but was prevented by a person who continued to beat him. Additional footage at the time showed the man jumping in the driver’s seat and taking off in Wilcox’s car, with David instinctually grabbing onto the car for dear life as it took off.

Warning: The footage in the videos below is graphic and disturbing.

Now newly released footage obtained by the Inquisitr via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the Chicago Department of Transportation shows what happened after the culprit took off in David’s vehicle. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, four people were charged in the wake of that video going viral. According to the publication, it was on November 9, before 1 p.m. when Wilcox said he planned to make a left turn onto West Roosevelt Road from South Kedzie Avenue. However, David said that a black sedan scraped his Pontiac Bonneville, causing Wilcox to stop, get out of his car, and seek the other driver’s insurance information.

Instead of insurance information, Wilcox says his assailants began beating him and hurling the insults heard in the first viral video. When David hung onto his car for dear life, the attacker who stole his car and dragged Wilcox down the road can be seen swerving the car in the following newly released video, as if trying to get David to fall off the car. Eventually, Wilcox does fall off the car, and the sheer force of his fall sends him tumbling across the busy street, as David misses being hit by a black car that comes to a halt to avoid Wilcox.

The following video has been slowed down in the beginning in order to show David more clearly being dragged and thrown off the car.

The real-time version of the video can be seen below, so viewers can ascertain the high rate of speed at which David was dragged when he was propelled off of the vehicle.

After David was dragged down the street at a high rate of speed, he was thrown from the side of the car and landed in the street. Wilcox was miraculously able to stand and he immediately retrieved his cellphone, which landed nearby. Wilcox seemed dazed as he wandered around and avoided being hit by drivers, who may not have witnessed the harrowing event that had just happened, speeding down the busy street. Either way, eventually Wilcox received help from passersby, and as can be seen in the second video, emergency personnel showed up to help David as well.

David Wilcox
[Image by Chicago Department of Transportation]

The location of the melee was on West Roosevelt Road, near South Sacramento Boulevard.

As seen in the video below from a different camera angle, David can be seen rolling onto the street — with a black car narrowly missing him. Wilcox credits a parole agent driving a black four-door car with helping to slow the oncoming traffic. David called the parole agent “the real hero.”

Meanwhile, viewers of the original video showing Wilcox being assaulted had strong and visceral reactions to the footage — as witnessed by the plethora of passionate comments on social media regarding David’s viral video.

Now that new footage has been released from that same harrowing day, it is likely viewers will have just as strong of a reaction to the video showing David being dragged and tossed from his own car.

Additional angles from other traffic cameras show just how close Wilcox came to getting hit by traffic after being thrown off of his own car.

David Wilcox
[Image by Chicago Department of Transportation]

[Featured Image by Chicago Department of Transportation]