David Wilcox Video: 49-Year-Old Man Dragged At 70 MPH, Beaten By Chicago Teens Yelling: ‘You Voted Trump? Don’t Vote Trump!’ [Graphic]

The video below is disturbing, as it shows 49-year-old David Wilcox — a white man — getting beaten in Chicago after a traffic accident. At one point in the video, Wilcox has his vehicle driven away by one of the African-Americans seen in the video, with David hanging on to his car for dear life and being dragged in the process. All the while, the person recording the video chides David, saying, “You voted Trump? Don’t vote Trump!”

Warning: The below video of Wilcox being beaten contains disturbing content and language.


Editors Note: The video was removed by YouTube for “Harassment rules”

The video, which is a vertical video of Wilcox being beaten, shows David being assaulted as an unknown person screaming about Wilcox voting for Trump narrates the beating — and seems to encourage David’s beating.

According to the Washington Post, Wilcox said the beating happened on Wednesday at approximately 1 p.m. in Chicago.

The location of Wilcox’s beating was at Kedzie Avenue and Roosevelt Road. David stated that a black car — a sedan — scraped the side of his Pontiac Bonneville. Wilcox said he stopped, as folks are advised to do after any type of accident, in order to collect and exchange insurance information, as well as other information about the driver.

Instead of getting insurance information, David said he received a beating in return.

“I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s*** out of me.”

The beating of Wilcox brought to mind the horrific beating of Reginald Denny, a truck driver who happened to be caught up in the 1992 riots following the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles. Tempers flared and boiled over, with Denny taking the brunt of a lot of anger in the city.

Warning: The below video of Denny getting beaten is graphic and disturbing.

Denny explained how he survived the brutal beating and a brick to his head that could have taken his life.

A second video, as reported by the Washington Post, showed Wilcox being dragged away as he grabbed onto the back of his car. At one point, David tried to get back into his own car, but that’s when someone else got in his car and drove off with Wilcox hanging onto the back window. David said that the driver drove at high rates of speed, trying to get Wilcox to fall off — a move that could have killed David.

“The guy took off. He was doing 70 or 80 down Roosevelt, swerving. He was trying to have me fall off, and I knew if I somehow let go, I was going to die. Then he slowed down. I was looking at oncoming traffic. He probably slowed to about 45. God was watching over for me. I rolled about five or seven times into the oncoming traffic lanes.”

Whereas Wilcox admitted he voted for Donald Trump, David said that those who beat him wouldn’t have known he was a Trump supporter automatically. Chicago authorities are looking into the disturbing beating of Wilcox. David said that he heard folks egging on those beating him.

“Yeah, it’s one of them white boy Trump guys.”

Trump tower
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Meanwhile, Rev. Michael Pfleger denounced the beating of Wilcox, writing that violence is never an acceptable option.

“A video was posted this morning showing a man being pulled from his car and beaten by a group of teens at Roosevelt and Kedzie. . . while shouting YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP……This is Unacceptable and must be condemned by Everybody…..VIOLENCE is NEVER an acceptable response!. . . Emotions are raw coming out of this election but frustration, anger and despair do not give permission to be violent……..Let us not surrender to evil, rather rise above it!!!!!”

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David, according to the Chicago Tribune, wondered aloud what is happening to America, stating that Wilcox and everyone should be able to vote for whomever they desire in peace.

“I get beaten, robbed, and my car stolen, and I have no way of getting my wife to and from work safe anymore.”

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