UFO News: Nevada Witnesses Compare UFO To Phoenix Lights

UFO news today includes a December 2 sighting of a triangular UFO that witnesses compared to the Phoenix lights. According to the Mutual UFO Network, a family on an outing to purchase a Christmas tree saw the UFO moving overhead. According to the report, the witnesses stated that the object was moving “moderately fast” and also in silence.

The witness testimony about this UFO, which MUFON closed as an unknown, is compelling.

“The object itself was shaped almost exactly like the ‘Phoenix Lights’ in Arizona. It was very triangular; two edges came together and had lights going up the edges. Only two sides had lights, but you could see the outline of the back of it. The UFO looked big. Probably 400 feet. We were in honest disbelief afterwards. We went on the Internet to search for any stories, but didn’t find any. We then came here. It just flew out of our sight. It didn’t disappear or anything special.”

This sighting made the news because of the similarities between the UFO described in the report and the craft spotted in the Phoenix lights incident in 1997. The principal difference between the Phoenix lights, which became international news, and this UFO is the size description. The witnesses in Reno noted that the UFO was “probably 400 feet,” but they didn’t explain if that was the length or the span. Without knowing the UFO’s altitude, it is impossible to accurately gauge the size.

Could Nellis AFB be a source for recent UFO sightings too? [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

The similarities relate to the UFO’s structure and its array of lights. The witnesses explained that it was in the shape of a triangle and had lights running along two sides, but none along the back edge. The Phoenix lights incident also involved a UFO that had lights along each side, but some witnesses stated that it was over a mile wide in initial news reports. A UFO would need to be at a high altitude to appear as significantly smaller, which is to say that this report is not a precise mimic of the Phoenix lights UFO.

As with real estate, the value of UFO news is often a function of location. Nevada has traditionally been a hotbed of UFO news, and one could assert that the large area of land that is home to military bases, and even Area 51, would be a natural spot for regular sightings. The video below is a strange sighting from the air in Nevada. So why are there so few pictures to go along with the triangle-shaped UFO sightings?


UFO Casebook speculates on the phenomena, noting that triangle-shaped UFOs are camera shy. It then adds that during a wave of UFO sightings in Belgium, many people took photographs that did not show the UFO. A search of different news organizations’ websites did not reveal good photographic evidence. Is it possible that the triangle-shaped UFO sightings involve technology that photo equipment cannot record? If not, could it be that this type of UFO mimics the disappearing, or cloaking, technology that has been in several reports in the last month?

Some have speculated that the triangle- or chevron-shaped UFO sightings in the news are terrestrial in origin, while disc-shaped sightings are extraterrestrial. This is based on the technology that is already available on Earth, and many, like the B2 bomber, have triangular shapes. This still makes them aerodynamic enough for flight in this atmosphere.

Area 51 could be a source for many recent UFOs in the news. [Image by Dan Callister/Getty Images]

There are issues with that theory, as most of the sightings involve UFOs that move silently, which is not technologically disclosed. It also does not account for incidents like the Phoenix lights, where the news reports all stated that the craft was moving very slowly. It is impossible to keep a craft that large aloft without either air moving extremely fast over some aerodynamic structure or some incredible power source that defies gravity.

This sighting made the news because it continues a pattern that appears to be increasing. As more details become available on the trend of triangle UFO sightings, more updates will be forthcoming. Until then, everyone must keep an eye on the sky day and night.


[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]

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