UFO Sighting: Missouri Case Echoes Bizarre Los Angeles Sighting

UFO sighting news today includes a case from Missouri that occurred in early November but has just been closed by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as unexplained. Last week, a UFO sighting in Los Angeles presented a bizarre scenario of a silent craft that disappeared. The case from Missouri in November could add to the shocking mystery by potentially describing a transition phase for a cloaked UFO, in theory.

The Los Angeles sighting featured a chevron shaped UFO overhead with gray lights, traveling silently, and ultimately disappearing. At that time, the speculation was that it could not be explained, but it could be some type of cloaking technology if it were a UFO. The Missouri sighting could represent two witnesses that actually watched a UFO transition from the visible to invisible. In that sighting, the witnesses watched what they described as a “fluid movement” in an object that was changing shapes as it moved in a straight line.

Could top scientists have developed cloaking technology? [Image by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images]

Comparing the two sightings, or rather, overlaying the two sightings, a strong argument could be made that they represent similar phenomena. It doesn’t take a giant imaginary leap to see that one witness could have been sighting a UFO that was preparing to cloak, as opposed to two witnesses sighting a UFO in the process of cloaking. And, there is a technological precedent for a reasonable explanation of what these witnesses saw.

According to the Army Times report from 2015, scientists have actually developed some cloaking technology.

“An academic says he and his colleagues have demonstrated a major breakthrough in the quest for invisibility, and he has the military’s attention.”

“Those electromagnetic waves and how they come off an object are crucial to the ability to detect it. Radar can’t detect a plane without radio waves bouncing back to a receiver, and seeing requires light bouncing off an object and passing into your eyeball. Manipulating those waves could, in theory, prevent detection, and in certain conditions, Kante said he can do that.”


Those scientists developed a type of “skin” for vehicles that would essentially make it invisible to most methods of detection. If a UFO with ceramic fitted outer skin passed along the other side of a highway with minimal light, could it have appeared to change shapes during different movements of the craft? There’s also the old truism that by the time the military publicly discusses a technology, it is obsolete. It’s possible that the military has developed cloaking technology.

In both UFO sightings, the craft did not make a sound. Silence and stealth have always combined with speed to create the triumvirate of military doctrine. If these UFO sightings turn out to be from some new military technology, it will make sense. However, silent and invisible military aircraft are not anything more than speculation at this time, as no evidence can be directly tied to terrestrial sources in these cases. That leaves extraterrestrial UFOs.

Could stealth be replacing speed in secret military testing? [Image by Getty Images]

While the witness to the Los Angeles UFO sighting did see lights, could that have been the result of seeing the UFO pass overhead? The Missouri witnesses said that the UFO that they saw passed just over a tree line on the other side of a dark highway. That could account for the oddly translucent look they saw if the technology is anything similar to what is described here. In fact, it could also explain why the Los Angeles sighting “disappeared” when the craft made a 180-degree turn. When the UFO did turn, a cloaking skin could have made it appear invisible.

In both cases, if one allows for perceptual human error, the similarities remain striking. Silent, invisible UFOs are not the stuff of classic UFO sighting cases. These cases appearing so closely together in time yet separated by a long distance, and featuring so many similarities bears watching. Meanwhile, it’s time to start digging through the records to see if similar cases have “flown under the radar.”

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