Urban Outfitters Is Selling Shirts With Anti-Romney Slogans

Urban Outfitters is offering a group of t-shirts featuring anti-Romney slogans. The clothing company is no stranger to controversial phrases on their garments. In the recent past, critics chastised the decision to sell shirts with a Holocaust-era Star of David, according to ABC News.

The clothing store apparently believes that taking a partisan stand in the upcoming presidential election will not be bad for business. The numerous t-shirts boasting slogans poking fun at Mitt Romney are being sold for approximately $10 to $34 each. One of the shirts available on the Urban Outfitters’ website reads, “Who the F**k is Mitt Romney?”

Another shirt featuring a negative message about the Republican presidential nominee reads, “Mitt Romney Hates Puppies.” The slogan is presumably a reference to the debate surrounding the crated ride the family’s dog took on top of the car years ago. The puppy-gate discussion among some political pundits also focused on the time President Barack Obama once ate dog meat as a child. The company is also currently selling a pro-Obama shirt that reads, “Remember Seamus,” the name of the Romney’s former pet.

Obama supporters who are not dog lovers and are opposed to wearing curse words are not left out of the Urban Outfitters political fashion statement movement. A t-shirt featuring a large basketball reads, “Romney Can’t Dunk.” The “GOP LOL” shirt is reportedly available for the same price as the time sensitive presidential election t-shirts for those who want to continue to use their chest as a billboard long after November 6.

Several shirts are focused solely on displaying the president’s name and skipping the Romney reference. Democratic fashionistas can choose to wear an intentionally faded shirt with just Obama’s name or choose a hipper garment which reads, “Barack Yo Body.”

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