Extreme Couponer Attacked For Taking 20 Minutes In Grocery Checkout Line?

extreme couponing

Extreme couponer Megan Wilson said she was attacked by a man for taking too long in the grocery checkout line. The Memphis, Tennessee woman says a man yelled at her and called her a “junkie” for whipping out so many coupons at the Poplar Plaza Kroger store.

Megan Wilson was filtering through her binder of organized coupons just before she claims the physical altercation occurred, the Daily Mail reports.

“I do carry a binder with a filing system in it. And then I usually also have a duffel bag or a large purse-type bag that I carry full inserts and things like that in,” Wilson told reporters.

Extreme couponing is a term used to describe shoppers who garner a massive amount of coupons, particularly for Kroger stores, and use them to get deeply discounted or even free items. Kroger stores routinely host double coupon day deals. Such massive sales sometimes even allow the shopper to use so many coupons the store actually gives them not only an item free, but they get change back for the difference between the value of the coupon and list price of the purchased item.

After the alleged extreme couponing attack, Wilson posted about the incident on her Facebook page. She said the unidentified man “grabbed the “back of her head and smashed [her] face into the cart.” Wilson said she accidentally spilled her drink on him before the man lashed out at her.

Memphis police investigators who watched the surveillance footage from the Poplar Plaza Kroger store have stated it appears as if Megan Wilson intentionally dumped her drink on the man who was behind her in line before he became violent.

The surveillance video was released to the public and quickly went viral online. Wilson posted the video to her Facebook page and then detailed her side of the story, WREG reports.

The extreme couponer maintains the man attacked her simply because it was taking a long time for the clerk to scan her items and complete the sale while she turned over all of her discount coupons. Wilson said the man kept making rude comments to her while she looked for the coupons for the items in her cart.

“I really wanted to hurt the guy but, you know, he’s three times my size,” Wilson said.

Wilson also disputed claims she threw the liquid in her cup on the man on purpose. The extreme couponer said she did not fling the cup at the man but accidentally spilled the cup as she left the Tennessee grocery store.

The Poplar Plaza Kroger surveillance camera footage appears to show the man moving towards Megan Wilson as she finished up at the cash register. Most of the fight reportedly occurred outside of the camera’s view.

“Everything kind of went black for a minute and when I came to, I was on the ground,” Wilson said when describing what happened after she said the man grabbed her head and shoved it into the shopping cart. “So I stumbled to get up and the floor was slippery because obviously when he hit me, my drink went everywhere.”

On Facebook, the extreme couponer also shared a photo of her shopping cart. She said the cart with all of her groceries had gotten turned over during the altercation with the male customer. Wilson also showcased a small scratch on her forehead.

Memphis police officers are currently looking for the man in the video to question him about allegedly attacking the extreme couponer at the local Kroger store.

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