Kindergarten Teacher Suspended For Inappropriate Facebook Comments

Memphis, TN – A kindergarten teacher has been placed on unpaid suspension after posting inappropriate comments on her Facebook page, according to The Huffington Post.

Tameka Gatewood was recently forced to break up an argument between two of her students. Afterwards, Gatewood took to Facebook in order to chronicle the event for all of her friends. Not surprisingly, her uncouth commentary has caused a bit of an uproar among educators, officials, and parents alike.

This is what the kindergarten teacher had to say:

“How bout I blasted both of them. The girl in my class hair is nappy almost every day and the boy wears dirty clothes, face nasty and can’t even read. They didn’t bother nobody else when I got through with them.

“What do you think you’re supposed to do? Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit! Just kidding!! For real tho – slap their ass back then Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit.”

In another post on the social media website, Gatewood expressed her irritation towards some of the students’ parents. “If another parent tell me it’s my job to teach their children, it’s gonna be po po time,” the teacher remarked.


According to WMC-TV, parents and school officials are none too pleased about the kindergarten teacher’s behavior. MCS School Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum, while unhappy with Gatewood’s behavior, admits that Memphis City Schools are not currently checking its employee’s social media accounts.

“It’s a much bigger issue than Facebook. It’s a much bigger issue than a teacher saying a kid has nappy hair,” Whalum explained, adding that teachers often think they can say what they want without sufferings the consequences.

Parents, meanwhile, think the kindergarten teacher should be fired immediately. “She needs to be up out of here. Because how can you do your job and that’s what you think about students?” one parent said.

Do you think this kindergarten teacher should be fired for making inappropriate Facebook comments?