‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Physical Sales Significantly Less Than Last Year In The U.S., But That’s No Surprise [Opinion]

It hasn’t been a great run for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Developer Infinity Ward was hoping to have a huge hit on their hands when Infinite Warfare was announced. There would be new weapons, new maps, a new story, and a journey further toward the future. Unfortunately, the hype wasn’t as big as they would have hoped. In fact, the trailers seemed to produce a negative response to Infinite Warfare. Trailers went disliked, and many were skeptic about Infinity Ward’s latest. While Infinite Warfare continues to generate sales, it seems to be for a reason other than the newest installment.

According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, Infinite Warfare is seeing a decline in physical sales by around 50 percent in comparison to Black Ops III last year. Interestingly enough, the game was projected by developers to be a push that they stood by. They responded to the negative likes on Youtube and other media with a hopeful outlook, believing that the trend was the same as Black Ops at one point. It seems that the fans have spoken, however, and it isn’t looking as great as they might have hoped.

It’s not as if Infinity Ward didn’t see this coming. If you look at the pre-order bonus, they bundled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with the remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Coincidence? Perhaps. It seems funny that what’s considered to be the greatest game in the Call of Duty franchise gets bundled with what was possibly going to be its worst. The marketing tactic was solid, as well, as it looked as though Modern Warfare wasn’t going to be a standalone purchase. Sure enough, you can only get Modern Warfare with the more expensive editions of Infinite Warfare.

Further proof of the projected sales is in a report by GameSpot, noting that publisher Activision acknowledged the likelihood of Infinite Warfare selling less than Black Ops III. They believed that the series would be foreign to fans, but such a reasoning sounds more like an excuse than anything. It’s no secret that Battlefield 1 didn’t take off like many thought it would, but that didn’t stop it from having a decent release alongside decent, consistent sales. Call of Duty even managed to knock it from its top spot at one point, but it’s more than clear that Battlefield 1 delivers where fans wanted.

Of course, the physical sales for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare aren’t the only part of the results. There are also the digital sales, which seem to be on the more successful side of things. Still, there’s a lot to be desired with Activision’s latest. The general consensus appears to be that Infinite Warfare is nothing short of a watered down Black Ops 3. Spawn camping has returned, the player base is split, and there are technical errors that have caused issues for the game. All in all, you’re better off with Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2.

The Call of Duty series has had its run, but it’s time for a fresh coat of paint while giving fans what they’ve been asking for. Running along walls has only gotten them so far, and the campaigns don’t seem anywhere near as explosive or engaging as previous Call of Duty games. If there’s any area where the game shines, it’s multiplayer zombie action still brings a little fun to such a disappointment. Perhaps they’ll take a page out of EA DICE’s book and listen to fan feedback if there’s to be a “next time around”.

How do you feel about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Do you feel that the game is more than mediocre? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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