Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist Just Can’t Take It Anymore, Resigns After Two Years

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist of two years, Steve Honig, has quit after realizing that he works for Lindsay Lohan.

Sorry, we had to get at least one in. Moving on.

TMZ reports that Honig has left the employ of troubled and sticky-fingered starlet Lindsay Lohan after working as her publicist for just under two years. Interestingly, it’s not comeback-trail Lindsay at the center of Honig’s decision to sever ties with the actress, but rather her father, Michael Lohan. Allegedly being the key word here – Honig and Michael have been at odds in the weeks leading up to the latter’s planned intervention, and everything crumbled over the weekend.

Honig released a statement saying that Lindsay’s management team had nothing to do with Michael’s plans, causing LiLo’s dad to call him a “f***ing liar” via text message. That was apparently the line (or at least the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back) with Honig quitting officially on Wednesday.

Sources close to Lindsay have said that Honig’s departure has nothing to do with the actress, but her father. Meanwhile, Honig scoffed at this report, saying, “Michael wishes he were that important.”

Either way, entertainment media outlets are having a field day with this announcement. Popbytes:

“Honestly, you would have figured that this guy would have realized who he was dealing with long ago and run screaming from the room before any of this ever went down. Hell, most people would have smelled the gin on that family and immediately died from alcohol poisoning.”


“It is with a heavy heart today that I sit in front of this laptop and struggle for the inner strength to share the news that started in Hollywood but has come to grip the nation. United in our grief, all we can do in the face of such a shattering event is ask why. Why would a heartless god allow this to happen?”


“Steve, dude, I’m not blaming you as much as I’m just asking you to reflect. I would have walked away from Dina and Lindsay Lohan, too. I just would have done it in my head before answering that ‘Spunky Girl Seeks Publicist’ ad on Craigslist.”

So the general consensus is that Mr. Honig is better off having left Lohan’s employ. Kudos to him for the professionalism.

Would you accept a job as Lindsay Lohan’s publicist?

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