Happening Now: Lindsay Lohan Emergency Intervention

An intervention at Lindsay Lohan’s house is happening right now, if her father Michael Lohan gets his way.

Breaking news coming out of TMZ: Michael Lohan has just called the police and is attempting to gain access to Lindsay Lohan’s house to stage an emergency intervention.

The actress has had a long history of substance abuse, brushes with the law, and public feuds with both her parents. Most recently, she found a way to force producers of her new Lifetime film Liz Dick to pay her whopping $46,000 debt to the historic Chateau Marmont hotel, and just today news broke that the starlet was called out by Canyons scribe Bret Easton Ellis for failing to show up for post-production work. Ellis tweeted on Thursday: “Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan’s hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f–king ADR on ‘The Canyons’ today…”

Canyons producer Braxton Pope reached out to E! News to deny Ellis’ allegations, calling the whole thing an “inside joke” between them all and attributing Lohan’s absence to scheduling difficulties as she is busy doing press for Liz Dick.

All of this erratic behavior (is there any other kind of behavior for the Lohan clan?) could’ve possibly prompted this new attempt at publicity parental concern from Michael Lohan, who is currently at his daughter’s door with police to stage an emergency intervention. Michael Lohan has a history of being at odds with both Lindsay and her mother Dina, who recently suggested her daughter get a restraining order against him.

Maybe Lindsay should have listened to her mother for once since TMZ is reporting that Michael just showed up at Lindsay’s door with cops in tow to stage an intervention. They were turned away by an unnamed guest who referred to himself as her boyfriend, and, to add to the confusion, someone else has called the cops to her house to report trespassers.

Police are currently on the scene at Lindsay’s house with her father; we’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Police (and Michael Lohan) have left Lindsay’s house. When TMZ caught up with Michael Lohan he had this to say:

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