Matt Lauer ‘Surfs’ Down Streets To Work, Arrives Late For First Time

Matt Lauer “surfed” down 49th street this morning, arriving at Studio 1A minutes after the broadcast of The Today Show begun.

According to TODAY, this was the first time that Lauer had ever been late to work. He immediately apologized for the delay and explained that he was trying out a new way to commute to work.

“The waves on Madison were huge,” he joked. “It was a little rough getting across Central Park.”

Savannah, Lauer’s co-host, was initially confused saying that it was an unusual way to start the show without Matt being there next to her at the anchor desk.

Right before 7 am ET, Savannah sent out a picture of Lauer’s empty chair on Twitter saying:

Savannah Guthrie


“Where in the world is @MLauer? Not in his seat – show starts in 7 mins. Looks like I’m doing @todayshow alone″

Lauer’s surfing stunt came from the minds of James Parcelay and Michael Krivicka. These two master minds are viral video artists who co-founded the company ThinkModo.

The creative viral video duo created a similar video to promote the movie “Chasing Mavericks.” The video featured two surfers in wet suits that used motorized surfboards to “surf” down New York City streets.

ThinkModo is a company that combines viral fun with marketing function to create effective viral video campaigns for their clients. The company’s unique strategy is aimed towards generating tremendous online engagement and valuable earned media coverage worldwide.

Thinkmodo, Inc. is based in New York City, and was founded in 2011.

Here is a video clip of the Lauer’s unusual entrance into work… enjoy.