Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are Not Losing Their Adopted Children [Debunked]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been targeted with claims of potentially losing their two adopted sons, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 15, and Pax Jolie-Pitt, 13, but luckily, these claims are untrue.

Earlier this week, Radar Online shared a report claiming the parents of Maddox, who was believed to have been an orphan when Angelina Jolie adopted him from Cambodia in 2002, were allegedly alive — and that Pax’s mother would soon be released from prison and reportedly try to get him back.

“I’m sure both [Brad Pitt] and Angie are freaking out over this. It’s been a fear from day one that the biological parents of their adopted kids would resurface,” an insider told Radar Online on November 30.

Brad Pitt also shares an adopted daughter with Jolie, 11-year-old Zahara Jolie-Pitt, whom they adopted from Ethiopia in 2005. Although Brad Pitt’s relationship with Jolie had only just begun at that time, he became the child’s adopted father in early 2006, just months before he and Jolie welcomed their first biological child, Shiloh, now 10.

Brad Pitt not losing kids
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Although Pax’s mother, who gave birth to the child in Vietnam, is not believed to be out of prison just yet, a source told Radar Online that many former prisoners search for their children upon their release.

“Most of the normal children are kids of prisoners,” said Nguyen Kim Xuyen. “There are some cases where economic conditions mean they are not able to raise the child [when they’re released], so they leave them here, but it’s very seldom.”

As for Maddox’s adoption, the outlet claimed his deal was brokered by a “crooked agent” who was ultimately jailed in the United States after receiving charges, including visa fraud and money laundering involving in regard to over 800 adoptions. The outlet also noted that “orphans” whose parents were still alive were allegedly adopted, and when it came to Maddox’s deal, his mother reportedly sold him for just $100.

“I’m sure this child was not a real orphan and was not abandoned,” said Dr. Kek Galabru of Licadho, a human rights agency.

“The situation with Pax, and the increased fear over Maddox, is terrifying to [Brad Pitt] and Angie,” the insider continued. “If Pham makes a bid to win Pax back — and everyone expects she will — it could lead Maddox’s parents to come forward. Taking a child from a parent with no apparent say in the matter won’t look good for Jolie’s UN status… No doubt Angie’ll be praying this can all be fixed with a blank check, but the trauma of possibly losing any of their children is both Angie and [Brad Pitt]’s worst nightmare come true.”

In response to the report, an insider spoke to Gossip Cop and revealed that Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt were not in danger of being sent back to their home countries. The claim is false, the source confirmed on December 1.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie won't lose kids
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began dating publicly in 2005 after his former wife, Jennifer Aniston, filed for divorce. Although rumors were swirling in regard to an on-set affair between Brad Pitt and Jolie as they filmed Mr. & Mrs. Smith, they didn’t go public until mid-2005 and waited until August of 2014 to get married.

While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted together a couple of times in July of this year, they parted ways shortly after their two-year wedding anniversary. In Jolie’s divorce filing, she requested full physical custody of their six children, including their 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

In the weeks that followed, Brad Pitt was targeted with a child abuse investigation by both the FBI and the Los Angeles County’s Department of Child and Family Services. In the end, however, Brad Pitt was cleared of any charges, and the cases against him were closed.

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