WWE News: Daniel Bryan Hints Leaving WWE After Baby Is Born

Daniel Bryan has made it clear over the past few months that it is hard to appear in the WWE as general manager of SmackDown Live without being allowed to wrestle. In the most recent episode of Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Daniel Bryan mentioned something that could finally push him into walking away from the WWE.

Daniel Bryan talked about how he and Brie Bella are expecting their first child. While he said that Brie wanted to return to wrestle another match after she has the baby, Daniel Bryan himself said that he is not sure if he would want to leave the baby to tour with the WWE again.

“Once we have the baby that is the tough part. It’s like, man, do I really want to leave the baby… It’s like; there are times on Smackdown that I don’t even want to be on it. I only want to be on it when it’s absolutely necessary for me as the GM for me to be out there.”

Daniel Bryan has appeared this season on the WWE reality show Total Divas, and fans have watched a more melancholy person than they are used to seeing on their TVs. As Daniel said, a lot of that comes from the fact that his concussions forced him to retire from wrestling and the episodes of Total Divas were filmed when he learned of the news.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Daniel Bryan was suffering from clinical depression at the time of the filming of Total Divas. Daniel Bryan has said that being on SmackDown Live also made things worse for him at times because he believes that he can still wrestle.

It also doesn’t help that he started a feud with The Miz where the fact that Daniel Bryan can’t wrestle again was emphasized. The two can’t pay off the feud with actual matches, so that is something that has been eating up Daniel Bryan the last few months as well.

“I can’t do anything else, nor do I know how to do anything else. Now I’m like a pool boy, Brie has her reality show; she’s an Executive Producer on ‘Total Bellas,’ her and Nicole, they’re on ‘Total Bellas,’ ‘Total Divas,’ they’re Ambassadors for WWE; they’ve got this wine, they’re doing all this stuff, and then it’s like, well, what am I doing? I’m a GM and Talking Smack.”

It very much sounds like Daniel Bryan has given this a lot of thought and has no qualms about possibly leaving the WWE and his role as the general manager of SmackDown Live. Having the baby is a perfect out for Daniel Bryan, a man who has spent his entire life just wanting to be the best wrestler on the planet.


One thing that Daniel Bryan has kept in mind through this ordeal is that the WWE has special stipulations in their contracts. When Rey Mysterio was injured, the WWE was allowed to automatically renew his contract against his will to make up for the days he didn’t compete. The same thing applies to Daniel Bryan.

When the WWE called Daniel Bryan to be the SmackDown Live general manager, he said that he didn’t want to do it because he wanted to wrestle and knew it would be tough to be around the ring and not compete. However, by working this job, his contract rolls on uninterrupted, meaning that Daniel Bryan can get out of the WWE sooner if he chooses.

“I am really positive overall about the company because, for example, right now, Brie and I are taking Spanish lessons that the WWE is providing for us. We have a Spanish tutor that comes to the house and they provide college education, they provide funds for people who want to do that, so there’s all these things that, you know, when I see something I don’t like I say it, but overall, it’s a great company to work with.”

It sounds like Daniel Bryan is saying all the right things, but there might come a time, after the baby is born, that he is finally ready to step away from the WWE completely. If it is to raise his child, few could fault Daniel Bryan for that.

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