WWE News: Becky Lynch Says Wrestling On Main Roster Is More Comfortable Than NXT

WWE superstar Becky Lynch is finally on top of the wrestling world as the SmackDown Live women’s champion. It took her a year to get a title, after feuding with Sasha Banks and Charlotte for the first year on the main roster. That was also after Becky Lynch wrestled on NXT to start her career, never winning a title there.

Becky Lynch appeared on The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed and talked about her career, from NXT to the WWE main roster. In an interesting statement, she said that she was always more comfortable on the main roster than she was when she wrestled in NXT.

Becky Lynch was considered one of the top women’s wrestlers on the entire roster when she was called up along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. In NXT, Becky was considered one of the Four Horsewomen of the NXT along with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley.

However, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and finally Bayley all won the NXT women’s championship and Lynch never got the title. When the Diva’s Revolution started, it was Charlotte and Sasha Banks that came out with the WWE women’s title and Becky Lynch was just a part of the feud, but never won the title.

It wasn’t until the WWE brand split draft that Becky Lynch got the chance to hold the women’s championship. Despite that, Lynch said that she felt comfortable the first minute she came out on WWE Monday Night Raw, even more comfortable than she ever felt at NXT.

“Yes, the bigger crowd I’m more comfortable in front of. Smaller crowd, less comfortable. I don’t know why. Yeah. As soon as I came out on RAW, always felt just, ‘I’m at home’. NXT was less comfortable for me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the smaller crowds and getting a reaction is harder.”

When it comes to NXT, it may look easier to get over with the crowd because they love wrestlers that might never get over with the WWE main roster crowd. Bayley is a perfect example as she was possibly the biggest star in NXT when she was there. However, once she made it to the main WWE roster, things are different.

WWE fans still love her, but the way she is booked, she doesn’t get the same reaction of someone like Sasha Banks. For the first year, it was the same with Becky Lynch. She put on great matches but it was Charlotte and Sasha Banks that got the fans attention more. Despite that, Becky Lynch said that she loved the feel of the main roster, regardless of her push.


Ever since Becky Lynch moved to SmackDown Live, she has gotten a chance to prove that she was run as the women’s champion. However, Becky faces a strong problem when it comes to the WWE main roster that she didn’t have to face on NXT.

As the Inquisitr reported, producer Kevin Dunn reportedly doesn’t like her accent and has been trying to limit her time when it comes to cutting promos and talking. In NXT, wrestlers can talk all they want in order to get themselves over but it is not the same on the main roster where the wrestlers are at the whim of producers and changing tastes.

Despite this, Becky Lynch has held the SmackDown Live women’s championship title since Sept. 11 as the first title holder of the new brand. The sky is the limit for Becky Lynch as the WWE is finally giving her the chance to shine.

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