WWE Denies Tyson Kidd Was Kept Off ‘Total Divas’ To Cover Up Injury Problems

This year’s season of Total Divas is missing a face from the past few seasons. Tyson Kidd, the husband of Natalya who was forced to retire from the WWE due to a severe neck injury, is not on the show. When asked about his absence, Kidd said that the WWE didn’t want him on the show to cover up the aftermath of the injury he suffered in the ring.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that the WWE has denied these allegations. According to the WWE, they left Tyson Kidd off Total Divas this season so they could focus on other competitors who are currently on the roster. Since Tyson is not wrestling anymore, he was left out of the filming of the show.

This is interesting to hear the two sides of the story, but Tyson Kidd won’t speak out about the WWE. Instead, when fans asked Kidd on Twitter when they would see him on Total Divas, Tyson said that the WWE took him off the show and fans would have to ask the WWE for the reason why.

The WWE have given their reasons, but Tyson Kidd also made one more statement that makes it sound like the WWE might be hiding something else. According to Tyson, he believes that the WWE does not want his situation explained and that he would “leave it at that for now.”

This also brought up some old claims by Bruce Hart concerning the injury to Tyson Kidd. The Hart family has been openly critical about the WWE and how they deal with wrestlers injuries. The bad blood between the Hart family and the WWE stretches back to the death of Owen hart in the ring.

Wrestling News reported that, in an interview, Bruce Hart said that the WWE seemed uninterested in the injury to Tyson Kidd when it happened. Bruce said that an agent in the back told Kidd to just take a shower after the injury and that the WWE wouldn’t even consider paying for an ambulance because they didn’t believe he was really hurt.

“My niece Nattie, his wife, they said if you wanted to go to the hospital it’s your choice. She set out for the hospital and got lost in San Antonio and she finally got there after some kind of driving around. When they got there, they did the CT scans and MRIs and immediately determined that it was a near fatal injury. It was a fraction of an inch from either being a fatality or a paralysis from the neck down type thing.”

Tyson Kidd, at that time, also refused to join in on the piling on of the WWE. As a matter of fact, the only response Kidd made to Bruce Hart’s interview was going on Twitter and saying that he had not seen Natalya’s uncle in over a decade, strange since he is family. But, at the same time, Tyson never denied anything.


The recent comments in answer to a fan about this season’s episodes of Total Divas is really the only time that Tyson Kidd has even hinted that there is something wrong concerning him and the WWE. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Tyson Kidd wants to talk about what happened but can’t because of his WWE contract.

This is not the time that the WWE wants someone like Tyson Kidd to speak up. PWInsider reported today that the WWE received an extension in the lawsuit filed against them by dozens of former wrestlers concerning injuries and lingering health concerns allegedly caused by working for the WWE.

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