Garry Dubois Found Guilty: Murder And Rape Of McCulkin Sisters And Their Mother Finally Solved

Garry Dubois has been found guilty of the murder and rape of the McCulkin sisters and their mother. The 1974 deaths of Leanne and Vicki McCulkin has finally been solved.

According to Daily Mercury, two men were forced to stand trial in the rape and murder of two sisters and their mother. Warwick’s Vincent O’Dempsey and Torbanlea man Garry Reginald “Shorty” Dubois, were being charged with three counts of murder, two counts of rape, and three counts of deprivation of liberty.


Dubois admitted to the court that he confessed to a friend that he and Dempsey kidnapped Barbara McCulkin and her two girls. Further, he admitted that they separated the girls from their mother and strangled Barbara.

He admitted to raping one of the girls, while Dempsey raped the other. Mr. Hall revealed that Dubois allegedly said that he felt “forced” to rape the girl.

“He said it took a while before he was capable of having sex because of what had happened. And he wasn’t all that keen [about] what had gone down. It had upset him. And he wasn’t going to say no.”

Nearly a year later, according to 9 News, Garry Dubois was finally found guilty for the murder and rape of the McCulkin sisters and their mother. At the time of the murder, Barbara was 34-years-old, Leanne was 11-years-old, and Vicki was 13-years-old.


O’Dempsey will stand trial next year for the same charges.

According to ABC, the bodies of Barbara, Leanne, and Vicki have never been found. The trial at the Supreme Court level took three weeks, and the jury took nearly three days to find their verdict.

Although Dubois pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, their were many witnesses that came forward, claiming to have seen him at the McCulkins’ Highgate Hill house on the night that the three disappeared.

Dennis Lynch, Dubois’ Defense barrister, made a closing statement to the court, stating that the murders could have been at the hands of Billy McCulkin, the father and husband.

The key witness in the case, Peter Hall, who came forward with the claims that Dubois admitted the murders to him, was deliberately shot down by Lynch.

“It’s abundantly clear that Peter Hall has told lies, it’s abundantly clear that he continued to lie. His reason for telling a lie was to save his own neck because it had been made painfully obvious to him that he wasn’t believed. He simply fell into line.”

Dubois will face at least life in prison as a mandatory sentence, and his sentencing date has not yet been revealed.

According to Daily Mail, Dubois is now 69-years-old. During the murders, he would have been the age of 27.

The family of Dubois began to sob after the guilty verdict was read, while Dubois himself stood silent. Dubois’ wife shook her head and cried, “No.”

One statement that Hall made to the court was that Dubois told him that O’Dempsey killed all of them. He strangled Barbara, raped and killed one of the girls, then after Dubois wouldn’t kill the other girl, O’Dempsey killed her, as well.

With that being said, some may question whether Dubois should actually be charged with the murders of Barbara and the girls. Although he played a major role in the murders, according to Hill’s statement and Dubois’ confession to him, should he have been charged with three counts of murder if O’Dempsey was really the one who killed all three of them?

Only time will tell if O’Demsey will also be charged for Barbara, Leanne, and Vicki’s rape and murder. What are your thoughts on this? Was Dubois’ charges justified?

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