Sixty-Seven-Year-Old Man Accused Of Sex Trafficking Women And Pimping Them Out On

Richard Knider Jackson, a 67-year-old Detroit man, has been accused of sex trafficking women and pimping them out on He was charged on Friday and is temporarily being held pending a bond hearing on Monday. Police found the women after a call was made from a home stating that someone was being beaten.

According to a police report, the caller said her sister, who was also being detained in the home, was in danger of losing her life, noted the Detroit Free Press.

“My sister’s in the basement. You’ve got to get to her. He’s going to kill her.”

When law enforcement arrived at the home, they discovered two 31-year-old women and one 41-year-old locked in a cage. They told authorities that Jackson gave them heroin but there were associates that assisted in the alleged crimes. After they became addicted, he allegedly prostituted them on a classified website page. All three of the women were from the Downriver area in Wayne County.

Two girls, ages 15 and 16, had also been held in the house and are still missing. One of the older women helped them escape out of the bathroom window.

The woman who helped the teens said she had become more concerned for their safety as she allegedly witnessed Jackson beating one of them. She said that he would inject all of the women with drugs and physically assault them if they didn’t perform as prostitutes or if they refused to work.

The FBI was involved with the arrest, and an affidavit stated that one of the women said she had known Jackson for several years. More recently, she would visit his house and he allowed her to use his car. Approximately two months ago, he forced her to stay at the house, the Detroit Free Press added.

“Jackson and his associates would get the girls hooked on drugs in order to keep them at the house. They often gave them heroin just long enough to have them addicted. Once (they were) addicted, Jackson and his associates began making the girls do commercial sex dates and move drugs for them.”

FBI agent Michael Glennon described the scene upon entering the house. There were hypodermic needles scattered around, per Fox News 2.

“Upon entry into the house there was a large black metal steel gate with a padlock and the women were held and forced to have sex against their will.”

In January 2016, Jackson was paroled from prison. His past crimes include assault, armed robbery, and drug possession and he has used 17 different aliases. Along with the sex trafficking charge, he was charged with running a prostitution ring out of a house on Electric Street near Fort Street and Outer Drive. He had moved into the house this past summer.

A filed complaint stated that Jackson allegedly locked the women in an upstairs bedroom and the steel gate at the top of the stairs kept them from escaping. Two rooms in the back of the first floor of the house were also used for “sex dates.” Along with the ads, Jackson allegedly used his phone to set up the dates. The women were also used to transport drugs.

Upon arrest, Jackson admitted that he lived at the house but denied involvement with sex or drug trafficking. When authorities searched his phone, they found many texts discussing locations for sex acts, prices, and prostitution. Per one of the victims, Jackson served as “house monitor.” The woman stated that he broke her arm when she refused to go on sex dates and broke it again after she returned from the hospital.

Sex trafficking is common in many developing countries, but it also takes place in the United States. The FBI needs information on the whereabouts of the two girls and the prostitution ring. Anyone who can provide information is encouraged to call 313-965-2323. They would like to offer the teens help.

[Featured Image Courtesy of Detroit Police Department]

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