'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers Next Week Monday May 1-5, 2017: Will Brady Die? Does Eric Martsolf Leave DOOL?

Next week's spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal an action-packed May Sweeps week May 1 through to May 4. Will Brady survive being shot by Xander? Will Eric Martsolf be the latest actor to leave Days of Our Lives? Salem's Chad (Bill Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller), Eli (Lamon Archey) and Gabi (Camila Banus), Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Steve (Stephen Nichols), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Eric (Greg Vaughan), John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deirdre Hall), Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Holly (Cara and Sienna G), Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Ciara (Vivian Jovanni), and the mysterious Snake (Blake Gibbons) and Lani (Sal Stowers) all will find themselves engaged in tightrope-tense drama. Find all your answers below, but be warned the article is brimming with Days of Our Lives spoilers, scoops and teasers.

Will Brady Die?

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Brady will not die. Paul and Sonny find him and whisk him to hospital just in the nick of time. When news of Brady's fate reaches Salem, his family flies up to be with him because his health is still in danger. Moreover, with him being a wanted man, Rafe looks to arrest Brady. Brady, however, asks his brother Eric to find Nicole and Holly. Eric wants to redeem himself because he still blames himself for Daniel Jonas's death and believes he is one of the reason's Nicole's life is ruined.

Brady's health will deteriorate, and doctors will fight to save his life. It also seems that another heart transplant may be for him to survive this ordeal.

J.J And Lani's Secret Mission Puts Her Life In Jeopardy With Snake

Sal Stowers 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards
Will Lani (Sal Stowers) Pay With Her Life Due To Snake's Drugs? Here is Sal Stowers at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards 2013 [Image by Ryan Miller/Invision/AP Images]

Roman wanted J.J. and Lani that Snake (Blake Gibbons) is a dangerous man. J.J. makes Lani promise him that she will back off the case. She breaks her promise and pursues a new lead and ends up meeting the villainous Snake.

Somehow Lani's cover gets blown, and Snake will realize that she tried to trick him. Lani's health will take a turn for the worse when Snake's drugs take their toll on her system. In the meantime, J.J. does everything he can to rescue his partner.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 1, Monday – Brady Fights For His Life

Brady (Eric Martsolf) was shot by Xander (Paul Telfer) last week when Xander broke into their home. Xander kidnapped Nicole and Holly. Nicole is deeply worried about Brady but she realizes that whatever happens, Holly needs to be her priority and Nicole needs to keep her daughter safe. Nicole knows that she must keep Holly safe from the demented and cruel Xander.

Brady is fighting for his life and bleeding out when Paul and Sonny find him on Monday, May 1. They realize that Brady has been shot and that if he is to survive, he will need to be admitted to hospital immediately. At least Brady has a fighting chance now that he is in hospital. Days of Our Lives fans will remember that Brady had a heart transplant, and received Daniel Jonas's heart when he died. Brady's life was in the balance then, how much more can his heart take? If he survives, how will the shooting affect the quality of his life.

Chad sees Gabi kissing Eli, and has mixed feelings regarding it. He has wanted to get back together with Abigail, but Abigail wants him to give him and Gabi a chance. Hopefully, seeing Gabi and Eli kiss will cement the fact that Gabi is no longer an option for him.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 2, Tuesday - Tripp Is Onto The Wrong Person

Tripp continues to think about his mother's death, especially since Jade's (Gabrielle Haugh) recent slip of the tongue which led him to believe that Tripp is not responsible for his mother's, Ava, death. Tripp starts to believe that Steve is covering up for a loved one and that his dad did not kill Ava on ISA orders. Tripp decides to talk to Kayla about Ava's murder, at which point he starts to think that Kayla may have been the one to murder his mother.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 3, Wednesday - Romance For Eric and Jennifer

Melissa Reeves 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards
Will Jennifer and Eric find happiness? Here is Melissa Reeves at the 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

Eric and Jennifer finally go on the date that is always being postponed. Eric asks, and Jennifer bubbles over with her yes.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 4, Thursday - Can Nicole Escape?

After Marlena and John's romantic reunion, Marlena is devastated when she hears some upsetting news about John.

Nicole comes up with a dangerous plan to escape with Holly from the clutches of Xander. She has been locked in a cage, and has noticed that there is a chance that she may be able to reach the key when Xander's attention is elsewhere. Her other option might be to seize the opportunity when she goes to the toilet.

Days of Our Lives spoiler indicate that Nicole will break a glass object over Xander's head, but it will all be in vain. Nicole will not escape, and instead, her ploy to break free will make Xander angrier than ever.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 5, Friday - Hope Brady Is On To Wyatt

Wyatt (Scott Shilstone) asked Ciara to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Ciara then introduces her new boyfriend to her mother. Detective Hope Brady knows a little something about smooth-talking guys and looks into her daughter's new love.

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