November 18, 2016
Kate Middleton And Prince William Branded 'Shallow Celebrities' By Bishop Who Is Snubbed By Queen

The outspoken Bishop of Willesdon, Pete Broadbent, has made a name for himself by branding the royals in an unflattering manner that has not been pleasing to Queen Elizabeth II. The 64-year-old bishop, who has more specifically branded Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as "shallow celebrities," is next in line to take charge of the Queen's royal diocese.

The ex-Labour Councillor will stand in for the Bishop of London, Dr. Richard Chatres, who will be retiring in February. Broadbent will retain the temporary position until a permanent successor is chosen. However, the Queen has made a move that has been viewed as a snub to those on the political left by asking that Dr. Chatres stay on in his role as Dean of the Chapel's Royal until a new bishop is named.

It's no wonder that the monarch is somewhat opposed to Broadbent taking over the position after he had spoken negatively not only about Kate and Prince William but also about her son, Prince Charles, whom he has referred to as "Big Ears," while also labeling the royal family to be "philanderers."

The Standard UK shared about the role and its history within the royal family.
"The Dean, whose office dates back to 1312, oversees worship in palaces and at major events senior royals take part in, such as the Cenotaph ceremony. Since 1748, the Bishop of London and the Dean have been the same person."
A church insider has stated that it would be a very embarrassing situation for the Queen if the oversight of royal worship was to be handed over to the opponent of the monarchy. Broadbent is a bishop who has made his opposition to the royals well known to the public on a number of occasions. He once stated that the royalty's foundation was built on corruption and sexism. In past years, he also remarked about members of the royals on social media, including Princess Diana, whom he termed a "porcelain doll."

Broadbent went so far as to claim that the marriage between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William, would not last more than seven years, stating that the pair would be "set up to fail by the gutter press."

Pete Broadbent found himself temporarily suspended in 2010 after he wrote a Facebook post on the social media site about the engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William. The publication reminds us of the words which led to his suspension.

"We need a party in Calais for all good republicans who can't stand the nauseating tosh that surrounds this event."
A statement by London Tory MP David Burrows, also chairman of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, notes that he feels Broadbent, although passionate about his faith, must drop his political party views and those that are opposed to the monarchy.

"[Broadbent]is a passionate supporter of Jesus Christ, Spurs and the Labour Party. In his elevated position he will need to drop his party political and anti-monarchy views."

Following 11 years in the role, Dr. Chatres announced his retirement and made it clear that the Queen expressed her wishes that he stay on for the time being as Dean. Broadbent relayed a brief statement on the subject, telling the Standard via text message that the question as to whether he would meet royals "does not arise."

Although the royal family is not beloved by all, they are beloved by many, and Prince William and his wife Kate have demonstrated that they are certainly far from "shallow celebrities." The couple, alongside William's brother Prince Harry, have been sure to do their part by taking on active advocacy roles for various charities and representing the royal family while balancing tradition with the modern world.

[Feature Image by John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images]