President Carter? Jay Z And Beyonce’s Alleged Political Campaign On The Way

Jay Z for president in 2020? The 46-year-old rap mogul and his superstar wife, Beyonce, are reportedly preparing for a huge political campaign.

Radar Online reported that Beyonce’s husband Jay Z is getting ready to run for his own political office.

The rapper and his 32-year-old wife openly support the Democratic party. Beyonce and Jay Z both supported Hillary Clinton at one of her last rally’s in Ohio before the presidential election.

Beyonce famously performed at President Obama’s inauguration in 2012.

After Clinton’s recent defeat by President-elect Donald Trump, the music mogul couple seriously began considering becoming more involved.

“Jay Z is really considering running for political office in New York and Beyonce is 1000 percent supportive of her husband’s decision.”

Apparently, both the Obamas and the Clintons have told Jay Z that he should become a leader in politics in the past.

“Beyonce and Jay Z became friends with Barack Obama and Michelle and they have always been close with the Clintons. The Obamas and Clintons have told Jay-Z on numerous occasions that he should get involved in politics.”

Jay Z is not only a prominent musician, producer, and businessman, but he also has the ability to make an impactful impression on people.

“They told him that he would make a great leader. Jay Z not only has star power, but he would have a ton of support from his fans, as well as from past administrations.”

Radar previously reported that Jay Z put his music career on hold last year while his wife, Beyonce, released her Lemonade album and went on her “Formation World Tour.”

The couple shares a 4-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. Jay Z stepped up and cared for her while they joined Beyonce on tour.


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According to insiders close to the family, Beyonce totally supports Jay Z running for political office.

“Beyonce told Jay Z that running for political office would be a really good next step for his career and she feels like it will also give him a sense of purpose.”

Beyonce has also gotten involved in political issues recently, especially with the unjust police shootings and Black Lives Matter.

The superstar has released multiple songs speaking out for minorities and women.

Rolling Stone suggested that Beyonce’s harshly criticized performance at the CMA Awards, singing her song “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks, foreshadowed Trump’s election win. Beyonce received almost immediate backlash that highlighted the ugly discrimination that still divides our nation.

The CMA Awards viewers did not react well to seeing a powerful, independent woman of color on stage with three equally strong white women.

“Next time lets not invite artist who support racist organizations and are anti-police.”

“cam awards Beyonce and Dixie Chicks? They are all anti American and trying to make statement. Had no business being there.”

“This did not belong at the cmas. Beyoncé stands for nothing good, what a horrible choice.”

“Looks like us white peoples lives don’t care since the black people think we are pigs!!!”

Jay Z and Beyonce have a chance to speak out and demand equality. They have a power and an influence on people unlike many. Jay Z and Beyonce have the opportunity to make a huge difference if they are elected for political office.

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