Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Round 3

Tonight, President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, for the final Presidential Debate of 2012. Obama and Romney are currently neck and neck at the polls and tonight’s debate could play an integral part in deciding the next President of the United States. And with so much at stake during tonight’s debate there’s only one thing for an American citizen to do: play a presidential debate drinking game.

But there are a few things that have to get mentioned before we proceed.

  1. Check out the drinking game from the first Presidential Debate here.
  2. Check out the drinking game from the second presidential debate here.
  3. Drink responsibly. If the two candidates start making sense you’ve probably had too much.

If you’re looking for rules for a presidential debate drinking game tonight there are plenty of places you can go. Here’s a sample of some of the best games the internet has to offer.

Nerd Wallet – The Nerd Wallet’s drinking game focuses on gaffes, talking points, and the constant bickering between the two candidates. Basically, if you’re looking for plenty of drinking opportunities it’s a great game. Rule highlight: Drinks for interruptions and shots for mentions of “Big Bird” and “Binders Full Of Women.”

The National JournalThe National Journal divides its game up to one drink events, two drink events, and red alarm events. The red alarm events probably won’t happen, but they are pretty funny. Rule highlight: Three drinks if either candidate asks the score on Monday Night Football.

Debate Drinking: Debate Drinking offers a very simple game that focuses on words and phrases. The game is pretty simple but the cool thing about Debate Drinking is that they play right along with you. You can follow them on Twitter if you need help “keeping score” throughout the game.

Bro Bible: The bro bible game gives you a wide variety of drinking opportunities. From simple sips, to beer chugging, to taking shots, the Bro Bible’s game will make sure that you’re watching the final minutes of the debate with political beer goggles. Rule highlight: Take your shirt off, flaunt your chest hair, and take a shot of vodka if Vladimir Putin gets mentioned.

Here’s the Inquisitr’s drinking game for the final Presidential Debate.

Take One Sip When:

  • Someone mentions “Obamacare” or “Romneycare,”
  • Anytime Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton get mentioned.
  • Anytime Michelle Obama or Ann Romney get mentioned.
  • Anytime Paul Ryan of Joe Biden get mentioned.
  • Anytime a story is told about a random citizen. (ie. Let me tell you about Joe the Plumber from Ohio…)

Take two sips when:

  • Obama mentions 47%, Big Bird, Romnesia, or Binders Full of Women.
  • Either candidate calls the other one a liar. (Phrases like “that’s malarkey” and “that’s not true” count.)
  • Moderator Bob Schieffer corrects either candidate.
  • If the candidate’s greet Schieffer with “Hi Bob.”

Chug your beer when:

  • Obama starts singing. Keep drinking until he’s finished.
  • The candidate’s talk over their allotted time. Drink until they finish speaking (Careful with this one. The time limits were completely ignored during the first debate.)
  • The candidates touch other during the debate. (Opening and closing handshakes don’t count. Need an example? Watch SNL’s mock debate.)
  • The candidates mention “Canada.” Tonight’s debate will be about foreign policy but Canada isn’t really a hot topic.

Finish your beer when:

  • Romney starts singing.
  • Obama complains that he’s missing the Chicago Bears game on Monday Night Football.

Are you going to watch the Presidential Debate tonight? You can watch it live online here. The debate starts tonight at 9 pm EST.