‘We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget’: Check Out The Anonymous ‘Message To Donald Trump’ Video

Anonymous posted a message to President-elect Donald Trump on their YouTube channel on Saturday calling him — and the leaders of the world — out with a simple message: “Enough is enough.” The video by Anonymous was titled “Message to Donald Trump.”

The Anonymous “Message to Donald Trump” video was posted on YouTube and has already been viewed over a million times. The video starts out with footage of former President Ronald Reagan giving his famous speech, “A Time for Choosing” in 1964. The speech was given by President Regan on behalf of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater. Mr. Goldwater lost the election, but the speech launched President Reagan’s political career.

The full speech can be heard here:

So why did Anonymous use an excerpt from the popular speech in their video, “Message to Donald Trump”? Perhaps the answer lies in the words themselves.

“Let’s set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace — and you can have it in the next second — surrender.

“Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face — that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand — the ultimatum. And what then?

The Anonymous “Message to Donald Trump” video then cuts to footage from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center and shows footage of the terrorists that have been behind attacks on the United States. The footage from the terrorist coverage ends and Anonymous comes on the screen as a silhouette outlined in blue and speaks in a disguised voice.

“Greetings, world. We are Anonymous. Message to Donald Trump and our World leaders. How many more wars? How many more people have to die? Enough is enough, these strategic war games need to cease! This isn’t a game and there are no winners, your proxy wars are over, end this now! If you fail to heed this message a third world war is inevitable. Millions will die and every single one of their deaths will be by your incompetence as so called ‘leaders.’ This is a call to every peace-seeker, to every valuer of truth and honesty, to every being of unity and progress. You are the ones that must stand together and rise in the face of conflict. We can stand united and show that we will not allow ourselves to be used as pawns in a never-ending game of lies and adversity. The future of this species relies on the choices we make right now. The outcome of our actions will have a lasting impact on generations to come. Do not come to regret the future you created for your children and their children. This is your opportunity to make a difference and put peace above self-interests. To change and redesign the status quo. This is your chance to create something truly magnificent. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

In the Anonymous “Message to Donald Trump” video, the visual of the speaker fades out and a black screen emerges with the white text, “do right by your citizens. make america great again.” The video ends with an image of President-elect Trump with Vice President-elect Pence. Then fades out to the text “we do not forgive. We do not forget. Anonymous.”

See the NSFW Anonymous “Message to Donald Trump” video here:

So far, President-elect Trump has yet to comment on Anonymous’s video they called “Message to Donald Trump.” President-elect Trump was active on Twitter over the weekend, but no mention of the video or Anonymous has been made so far.

Anonymous sends a message to Donald Trump after he wins the election.
[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

The Anonymous “Message to Donald Trump” video clearly calls for peace and unity and an end to the nonsense divisiveness that the country saw this election period and in recent years. We are reminded that our choices will change the future for our children and our grandchildren, which is perhaps a nod to not make decisions in haste and don’t be blind in the moment. But consider the future and the consequences.

How will Donald Trump react to Anonymous’s message? Will it make a difference or just be a part of the “noise” of 2016? What do you think of the “Message to Donald Trump”?

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