Snooki Strikes Back At Mommy Shamers: Is Celebrity Mommy Shaming Becoming A Problem?

Nicole Polizzi – better known as Snooki – is a celebrity who has never been shy about owning up to mistakes and poor choices. She, however, made it clear a few days ago that celebrity mommy shaming was not on the list of things she was willing to tolerate.

According to In Touch Weekly, Snooki "made it very clear" she has no interest in tolerating mommy shamers.

What was it that happened, exactly?

Two days ago, Snooki posted a video of herself showing off a floral maxi dress on Instagram. In the description of the video, she asked her Instagram followers to ignore the "tantrum child" in the background. Unfortunately for Snooki, mommy shamers quickly lit up the comments of the video.

Some of the celebrity mommy shamers attacked Snooki's overall parenting skills by questioning why she wasn't paying her child more attention. Others questioned how sanitary it was for her son to be rolling around on the bathroom floor. Was she ignoring her son? Why was she allowing him to roll around on the bathroom floor? These were the questions those mommy shaming her wanted answered.

Clearly irritated by the mommy shamers commenting on her Instagram picture, Snooki decided to fire back at them. She left the following comment in response to a comment on her picture. The original comment she was responding to, however, has since been deleted.

"Pay attention to my kids? Excuse me, but are you in my house seeing what kind of mother I am? Go enjoy your Sunday instead of talking s*** to me on an Instagram photo."
Among the celebrity mommy shamers, there were Instagram followers who also didn't tolerate the negatively so well. Several of Snooki's followers left comments encouraging her to ignore those who were shaming her and her parenting skills. Several even praised Snooki for handling the tantrum in the best way possible. Those who came to her defense against those mommy shaming her agreed ignoring her son while he was throwing his tantrum is the best thing a parent can do to teach a child that type of behavior isn't acceptable.With this Instagram incident, Snooki has shined a spotlight on celebrity mommy shaming and whether or not it is becoming a problem.

Is celebrity mommy shaming becoming a problem?

Cafe Mom notes more than a dozen celebrity mothers who have been the victim of mommy shaming on the internet. Some of the celebrity mothers on this list include:

  • Christine Teigen
  • Kristin Cavallari
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Megan Fox
  • Hilary Duff
  • Jill & Jessa Duggar
  • Mila Kunis
As the Inquisitr has previously reported, Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa was also the victim of celebrity mommy shaming just two months ago. The HGTV mom posted a picture on Instagram of herself and her daughter flaunting matching purple bikinis while showing off their new family dog. It didn't take long for Christina to get slammed by celebrity mommy shamers who felt the picture was inappropriate.The celebrity mommy shamers commented on a bikini not being an appropriate bathing suit for her 6-year-old daughter. For about a week after Christina El Moussa posted the pictures, she trended on social media and search engines with the phrase "inappropriate bikini pictures." Were her bikini pictures with her daughter actually inappropriate or was she simply targeted because she was a celebrity?

Snooki and Christina El Moussa aren't the first celebrity moms to fall victim to mommy shaming and chances are pretty good they will not be the last either. The question remains – is celebrity mommy shaming becoming a problem? Whenever a celebrity's child pops up in the news, someone will comment on the fact that celebrity children should be left out of criticism and shaming. Should celebrity parenting skills also be left out of the equation?

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