Donald Trump Has To Go To Court For Trump University Lawsuit Before Taking The Oval Office: Will It Lead to Donald Trump Being Impeached?

Before President-elect Donald Trump can take his seat in the Oval Office, he may have to face a federal jury regarding a lawsuit from former students claiming he defrauded them with Trump University. The Huffington Post reported the hearing for Donald Trump and Trump University takes place today and the case is set to go to trial on November 28 if Trump doesn’t settle the case before then. The case adds to the growing list of complaints made by the #NeverTrump side that the president-elect should be impeached.

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Trump University is no longer running, and the Trump University lawsuit was filed long before Donald Trump was announced president. It’s worth noting that presidents are immune from any lawsuits that emerge because of their official duties, but this doesn’t apply to anything before taking office. The Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that President Bill Clinton wasn’t immune to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones. The case didn’t go to court, though, because Clinton settled before the trial. Lawyers are saying that this situation hasn’t happened before and there is nothing to compare it to in order to predict what is going to happen next. It’s unclear if this will have any contribution to the Donald Trump impeachment campaign that has already started.

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On Wednesday, the lawyers for both parties declined to comment about the Trump University Lawsuit.

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Even though the case may not see it’s November 28 trial date, if it’s not settled beforehand, it may face reasonable delays. However, the Supreme Court also ruled that a case cannot be delayed on the sole purpose that the defendant is president and has certain duties to attend to before taking the Oval Office. There is speculation that Donald Trump will ask Judge Gonzalo Curiel to delay the Trump University lawsuit trial so he has more time to settle the case before taking his presidential office. Trump argues that most of the students were happy with the course and that the complaints are from students who read too much into the marketing language. The results of the trial could help the Donald Trump impeachment campaign move forward. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump says Judge Curiel is a “hater” of Donald Trump and the case should have been dismissed already. He remarks “wouldn’t that be wild” if he is president when he goes to trial.

This is the first news of the Trump University lawsuit, with claims dating back to 2010. While campaigning for president, Donald Trump said he would win the lawsuit and that Judge Curiel, who was born in the United States to Mexican parents, was biased against him because of his anti-immigration views and promise to build a wall along the Mexican border. These are just some of the unpopular opinions of Donald Trump that has led for the call to impeach him. When an instructor sat down with CNN, he wasn’t “prepared” to discuss his real estate experience, but his job wasn’t to teach real estate. It was to make sales:

In March 2016, the Trump University lawsuit was discussed at the debate. The Better Business Bureau released a report that said currently, Trump University has “No Rating” but when it was rated, it went from an A+ and a D-:


In June 2016, Late Night with Seth Meyers took a closer look at Trump University:

The Trump University lawsuit continues with a hearing on Thursday for pre-trial motions. One of Trump’s is to block potential jurors from hearing any comments made during the campaign, including the one Trump made about the judge. It’s unclear if this motion will be passed because the plaintiff’s lawyers are arguing that the comments could help the jurors make a conclusion about Donald Trump’s credibility as a witness in the case. With the Donald Trump impeachment campaign gaining steam, can the court find impartial jurors?

If the trial does move forward, it is going to be hard to seat an impartial jury because so many have strong feelings for or against Donald Trump. An interview on Monday before the election with Jeffrey Goldman, one of the lawyers for Trump on the Trump University lawsuit case, said the media’s “drumbeat of distortion” would make this difficult. Jurors give their word on whether or not they can be impartial after facing a series of questions by the judge and the lawyers for both sides. Both parties are expected to vet lawyers by looking at their social media postings. They can also check the impeach Donald Trump campaign that has 15,181 signatures at the time of this writing.

The Trump University trial is set to take place before Trump takes office, and it doesn’t help his popularity with Americans who are outraged that he won the election. It’s worth mentioning that there is already a petition started to impeach Donald Trump on, but the text doesn’t cite anything about this pending trial.

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