Donald Trump Wins Election, Will He Build That Wall, Deport, Cut Taxes?

The hysteria over the election is over, and Mr. Donald Trump is the new President of United States of America. The question is, so what happens now?

Donald Trump in his acceptance speech said, “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.” During his entire election campaign, Trump has said it is time to, “Make America Great Again.”

Earlier, Donald Trump in his speech at Gettysburg had committed that he would start working from the very first day. Instead of the 100-day plan, Donald gave a first-day plan.


President Trump’s immigration policy was at one point of time, the center of his election campaign. From deporting all undocumented immigrants, Trump settled for deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Donald Trump estimates the number of illegal criminal immigrants is around two million. It is not yet clear which run-ins with the law will be considered as “criminal activity.” What will happen to illegal immigrants with harmless crimes, such as parking tickets, is still not clear.

Trump had also threatened to cancel visas of countries that refuse to take back its people. Donald Trump has also made it clear people from terror prone regions would not be given visas. Trump claims the present vetting system in unable to keep out bad apples.

The Mexican Wall

People across America are wondering, Donald Trump wins the election, so what happens to the wall now? He is still guaranteeing that a wall would be built on the Mexican border and its Government would pay for it and all these would happen on the first day.

Trump has also proposed End Illegal Immigration Act, according to which anyone entering the United States illegally after being deported once, will be sentenced to two years in prison.

Foreign Policy: Russia A New Friend

Trump has clarified that as President of USA, he might not be able to help NATO countries if they come under attack. He had said a NATO country under attack would be helped, only if it had fulfilled its obligations. No clarification was available on what that meant.

With the US not protecting the NATO countries, Russia will get a free hand in exerting control over its neighbors. As reported in Metro, Professor Lucas, an academician, said,

“There would be an uncertain relationship between the US and Russia, because we don’t know if Trump is going to cozy up to Putin or maintain distance.”

Professor Morgan, another academician, said, “Trump would look to develop a relationship with Putin.”

On the terror front, Trump has promised to “bomb the hell” out of ISIS and other terror groups. President Trump has never spelled out a clear cut Syrian policy. He considers Bashar al-Assad as a lesser threat as compared to US-backed rebel groups.

Repeal Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare has benefitted 12.7 million people who could not afford medical cover. Donald Trump and the Republicans believe that it has made insurance expensive for the middle class, who are not on Government assistance.

Abolishing the Obamacare would leave over 10 million people without health insurance cover. So what happens next for those people, is still not clear. President Trump has said he would replace it with “Health Savings Accounts.”

Foreign Trade

Trump’s administration would impose policies to prevent free trade and close America’s economic borders. The first deal to be canceled would be “Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement” that lowered tariffs for 11 countries.

Trump has also recommended forcing countries to pay for the privilege of selling goods in America. He is also against moving jobs overseas and believes such companies should be fined. As reported by The Sun, Trump also believes China should be labeled “currency manipulator.”

Tax Cuts

Donald Trump wins the election and his policies will impact taxes. Trump has promised 35 percent tax reduction for middle-class families with two children. Trump’s economic policy would bring down the tax bracket to three from current seven.


Couples making under $75,000 would pay 12 percent, $75,000-to-$225,000 brackets would pay 25 percent, $225,000 and above would pay 33 percent. He has also promised to cut the corporate taxes to 15 percent from current 39 percent.


Mr. Trump plans to cancel billions of dollars that the US pays to the UN for climate change programs. He believes the same fund could be used to develop infrastructure in the US.

The Keystone pipeline would likely get approval. It will undoubtedly increase the oil production but at the same time damage the ecosystem around Nebraska, Alberta, and Canada.

Reform Washington

In one of his speeches, Mr. Trump said he would, “reduce the corrupting influence of special interests.” He has promised to bring back the Government “of, by, and for the people.”

Donald Trump has said there would be term limits on members of Congress and a five-year-ban on becoming a lobbyist for the White House and Congressional officials. All the hiring except defense would also be ceased to reduce the size of Government.

No one knows what will happen now that Donald Trump has won the election and will be the next President, but as Trump says at his rallies, we should trust him, wait and watch.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP images]