“Redneck” Grenade Video Under Investigation

A self-proclaimed “redneck video” posted on YouTube is sparking a criminal investigation. The clip, shot in the small Northeastern Florida town of Macclenny — about 30 miles west of Jacksonville — shows men launching grenades and even tying grenades to rockets and then setting them off. (The segment, quite fittingly, is soundtracked by AC/DC.)

In one scene, a young man walks near the landed rocket-grenade as it’s about to explode. You can hear people yelling at him to run as smoke starts to fill the air.

The county’s sheriff is trying to find the people involved — some of whom could potentially be recognizable from their video appearances — and says he wants to know how they got the grenades and rocket launcher. He says the ending caption of “More to Come” is particularly concerning.

Watch for yourself, and be very glad you don’t live in the small town of Macclenny.