‘Only In Florida:’ Casselberry Man Driving Home From Strip Club Falls Out Of Vehicle, Runs Himself Over

The Florida Highway Patrol says that while a 28-year-old unidentified man in Casselberry, Florida was driving home from a strip club, he fell out of his vehicle and ran himself over.

According to the WFTV, at around 2:41 a.m. Tuesday, October 25, when a man left the Dancer’s Royale strip club on East Colonial Drive in his 2016 Ford pickup truck, he somehow fell out of the moving vehicle and ran over his leg.

The truck continued rolling down the street until it crashed into the bedroom of 58-year-old Barbara Hernandez on Old Cheney Highway.

The homeowner’s son, Adrian Larrea, who was also in the home during the crash, stated that “it felt like a bomb exploding. My mom sleeps right there next to the window. She would’ve been dead if that ditch wasn’t there.”

Larrea went on to say that “one of the security guards came running and my mom opened the door. They asked her, ‘Are you OK?'”


It was reported that Hernandez was sleeping when the truck crashed into her home, knocking her out of her bed. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, she was taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

“I’m really angry because he could’ve killed my mom and he left. He didn’t even take responsibility for it, said Larrea.

Seminole police officials say the driver fled the scene on foot afterward, but he did, however, leave behind an identification card.

Witnesses, who were later questioned by police at the strip club, stated that when they noticed the suspect appeared drunk, they “begged him not to drive,” but say he got in his truck and drove away.


After learning a man ran himself over after falling out his vehicle in Casselberry, hundreds of social media users weren’t at all surprised, saying “only in Florida,” and it’s just “Florida being Florida.”

Some even mentioned that they are ashamed to “mention I’m from the sunshine state,” while others have stated: “D***, Florida! You never cease to amaze me.”

In a Facebook post, Christopher Duganberry wrote, “This is Florida where most of the population drives around drunk. Don’t believe me? Come here and take a drive on one of the lovely highways they have here. You might find Interstate 4 very exciting – if you live through the experience.”

“It’s equivalent to the Daytona Speedway, except none of the drivers are professional and everyone thinks they are Dale Earnhardt. Interstate 75 is very exciting also, that’s if you live through the experience and don’t get run off the road for driving a slow 75 mph in the right lane. The nerve of some people going as slow as 75 mph.”


Duganberry went on to say, “Interstate 95 on the east coast is a wonderful stretch of Highway to h***, just stay alert for drivers on the wrong side of the highway. They’re always confusing the off-ramps with the on-ramps on I-95 here in Florida. So, proceed with caution and good luck. Enjoy your lovely drive with all the drunks.”

Some sympathized with the alleged drunk driver, saying they will pray for him, but La Jenk on Facebook said the “driver doesn’t need prayer.”

Jenk wrote, “Drunk drivers need more than prayer. They need to be in jail and have all license taken away with fines, fines, fines. A drunk driver is behind the wheel of a loaded lethal weapon. He lost his humanity when he decided to drive drunk.”

Investigators are not releasing the suspect’s name until they have positively identified him as the driver. Once the driver of the truck is identified, Florida highway Patrol says he will be facing criminal charges.

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