‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn And Tyler Blocked From Seeing Daughter

It seems like bad behavior might be costing Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra a chance to ever see their daughter Carly. Radar Online released a recent video that showed that showed both Catelynn and Tyler revealing that the adoptive parents of Carly are avoiding calls to set up the yearly visit for the parents.

The sad part for Catelynn and Tyler is that the adoptive parents are under no obligation to ever let the Teen Mom OG stars see their daughter. According to the contracts signed by Catelynn and Tyler, they agreed to no ongoing face-to-face with Carly and that the adoptive family could reject visits if they felt it was best for Carly.

This seemed unfair to Catelynn, who said that she signed the contract when she was 16 on Teen Mom OG and now she may never see her child again until her child is 18-years-old. Of course, just because the adoptive parents are not allowing Catelynn and Tyler to see Carly now does not mean they will never allow it.

The big problem might be the recent legal news of bad behavior by the Teen Mom OG stars. As theh Inquisitr previously reported, Catelynn and Tyler were arrested just one week after giving birth to Carly and covered it up. The news of the arrest was just revealed this month.

Add to that Teen Mom OG news the recent controversy surrounding the relationship between Catelynn and Tyler, where he recently told her to take her recovery from her depression and anxiety issues more seriously if she wanted their relationship to work out. While suffering from depression and anxiety will never go away, Tyler was made because Catelynn was using boredom as a way to get out of her recovery.

Radar Online reported that she started smoking marijuana again after she admitted to the boredom. With the news of their past arrest coming to light and the fact that she is smoking again, it is no wonder that the adoptive parents might be leery about letting the Teen Mom OG couple get back into Carly’s life again.

But not everything is bad for the Teen Mom OG couple. Catelynn and Tyler just announced that they would get their own television project on MTV, a spinoff from the Teen Mom OG series.

In Touch Weekly reports that this new television series is a passion project for Teen Mom OG stara Tyler Baltierra. Catelynn and Tyler have been hinting at a new television show for awhile, and they even sent out an Instagram post six months ago asking people if there was a loved one that they wanted to find again.

This looks to be what this new MTV television show is all about. Unlike Teen Mom OG, which is about following in the footsteps of people like Catelynn and Tyler after a teen pregnancy, this looks to be more of an inspirational television show where they help people find lost loved ones and reconnect with estranged family members.

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When it comes to Catelynn and Tyler and their relationship with their daughter Carly, the Teen Mom OG couple will probably need to continue to improve their reputation if they want to ever see their child again. It is more important for the adoptive parents to keep Carly safe than it is for anything else.

While there are hopes that Catelynn and Tyler will be able to reconcile with Carly once again, the Teen Mom OG couple have a lot of work to do. They just have to realize that it is not too late to really make a positive change in their own lives.

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