Kim Kardashian Lawsuit Considered Against 'Huffington Post' For Robbery Claims

A Kim Kardashian lawsuit is in consideration against the Huffington Post and one of their writers. The lawsuit concerns a story that Huffington Post contributor Sharika Soal wrote about the Kim Kardashian robbery that took place in Paris. In the story, Soal questioned whether the robbery was a "publicity stunt gone horribly wrong."

When the Huffington Post learned of the story, which Soal self-published on the website, they removed it. According to TMZ, the Huffington Post removed the story because it violated their terms. According to Soal, the Huffington Post has also blocked her account so she can't write anything else at this time.

That is tough because the Kim Kardashian lawsuit threats are asking Soal to print a public retraction and an apology, which she can't do because she no longer has access to write for the Huffington Post. When speaking to TMZ, Soal said that if the lawsuit goes through, they can't get anything from her because she does not have anything.

According to Money Nation, Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $149 million. According to her LinkedIn profile, Sharika Soal is an entertainment, celebrity, and special events publicist. There is little chance that a Kim Kardashian lawsuit will provide any money changing hands, but this might just be a chance for Kardashian to force the media to be more responsible for their words.

Kim Kardashian Lawsuit Considered Against Huffington Post For Robbery Claims
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In the Huffington Post terms and conditions page, the writers are "solely responsible" if they "publish falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage us or any third party." While Kim Kardashian could possibly go after the Huffington Post, the fact that they promptly took the story down should help protect them somewhat. However, Kardashian still wants the apology printed.

In the past, celebrities were usually unable to file lawsuits when rumors and allegations were printed about them. The reason is that the celebrities have to prove "absolute malice" on behalf of the publication and usually warnings and cease-and-desist letters will protect publications as long as they heed the warnings.

Kim Kardashian Lawsuit Considered Against Huffington Post For Robbery Claims
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There have been a couple of notable cases in recent times concerning celebrities suing publications. One involved Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media, which Hogan won a lawsuit for $140 million when the website posted part of a sex video that the former WWE star did not know about.

The second saw country music star Blake Shelton sue In Touch Magazine when they published an article claiming he was suffering from uncontrollable alcohol problems, something he says hurt his family and reputation. The Kim Kardashian lawsuit is similar to that of Blake Shelton.

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The Kim Kardashian robbery took place in Paris on October 3. Kardashian said that she was tied up and robbed at her hotel while Kanye West was performing in concert. USA Today reported today that a video was released of the alleged attackers approaching the hotel on foot and on bicycles.

Kim Kardashian alleges that she was tied up, held at gunpoint, and robbed of almost $11.5 million worth of valuables and a very expensive ring. Luckily, Kardashian was unharmed in the alleged attack and robbery. The notorious Pink Panthers are considered one of the top suspects in the case.

The Huffington Post story reported on the allegations that the robbery could have been a publicity stunt by referencing a satirical website. However, the fact that the story was not labeled as satire is what makes the Kim Kardashian lawsuit a viable option.

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