Kim Zolciak Sued: ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Star Accused Of Not Paying Housekeeper’s Wages

Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann recently found themselves in court, sued by a former housekeeper. The ex-housekeeper claimed that the Don’t Be Tardy stars owed her for work completed in April 2015 and that the couple dodged her attempts to collect the fees.

However, Radar Online received the actual court filing and learned that Kim Zolciak didn’t owe the former housekeeper the money that she claimed. The lawsuit indicated that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann owed her $750 in principal, as well as $100 in interest and $100 transportation costs. The problem is that the Don’t Be Tardy star keeps her books better than that.

The court findings indicate that Kim Zolciak produced the cashed check that was written to the former housekeeper. The check was written for $725, which means the Don’t Be Tardy star only owed the person a total of $25. The judge ordered the payment of $25 to pay the former housekeeper off and that was all.

Attorney fees were also sought in the case and the judge rejected those, meaning that the only money paid by either party was $25, the balance of the original principal owed. This likely means that both Kim Zolciak and the housekeeper paid out even more money in court costs because of the frivolous lawsuit.

This is just another controversy that has crept into the life of Kim Zolciak this year. It was just one week ago that social media erupted when the Don’t Be Tardy star posted a photo of her daughter as a joke to mock the people who have accused Zolciak of having too much plastic surgery done.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the photo showed her daughter with a scar on the nose, with Kim Zolciak claiming that was proof that her daughter was trying to get a nose like her moms. It was an obvious joke, as was evident by the hashtags that the Don’t Be Tardy star included, but half the people didn’t get it and the rest were angry about the clothes the little girl was wearing.

It was clear that the online bullying of Kim Zolciak got out of hand because it didn’t take long for her to remove the picture from her social media accounts.

There was also a lot of talk last month about marital problems with the Don’t Be Tardy star and Kroy Biermann. The NFL star was cut from the Atlanta Falcons and failed to catch on with the Buffalo Bills this offseason, causing what some describe as serious depression issues. There were also rumors of an extramarital affair for Kroy, which rumored to be leading to a split from Kim Zolciak.

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However, Kim Zolciak has remained steadfast that their marriage remains strong. In an interview with ET Online, the Don’t Be Tardy star said that not only were they still together but they were considering having another child. Kim already has six children.

“We’ll see. We always talk about, when Kroy’s finished in the NFL and I’m finished with TV, it would be nice to just have a baby, and enjoy it and not go back to work seven days after you have one.”

Don’t Be Tardy airs on Wednesday nights on Bravo at 10 p.m. EST. When Kim Zolciak is not on her television show, she always makes sure to keep her brand alive with talk show appearances and on her social media accounts. As she has proven, there is always something going on in the Don’t Be Tardy household.

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