Latest Polls In Florida Show Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton Slightly — Independents May Hold The Greatest Sway

The latest polls in Florida are now showing Donald Trump with a slight edge over Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Citizens of the sunshine state were given the option of early voting by mail, and early results showed Clinton with a wider gap over Trump.

The United States of America are on the proverbial edge of their seats as voters continue to slam not only the opposing politician, but voters who support them. This is the norm for voting years, as conservatives and liberals battle for the White House with ammunition we call ballots.

Florida has been considered the most important state for voter turn-out in this election, as the two nominees have been head to head the entire way. Accusations against each nominee get more and more brutal as time goes by, but come November 8, the results will be final.

Of course with Donald Trump’s suggestions that the polls are rigged, and his refusal to accept the results if he doesn’t win, this may be an election that ends up in the Supreme Court.

Early in his bid for the presidency, Trump had begun on a bad note stating that Mexicans were criminals and rapists, bringing drugs into our nation. The statement wasn’t as blanketed as many media outlets made it out to be, but that didn’t stop Hispanics from opposing him right away. In the following months he’d insulted Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly with an alleged jab at her feminine hygiene. This started the movement where women, in general, started calling him a misogynist. Later, he suggested “roughing up” Black Lives Matter protesters — the Donald has insulted almost every demographic aside from white men.

This doesn’t include Trump’s jab at military veterans with PTSD.

Some supporters are saying that Donald Trump is simply speaking before he’s thought things through, and simply being honest to a serious fault. However, recent reports that he sexually assaulted several women years ago have reinforced his tendency to be a womanizer in the public eye. His family has gone on record saying that it’s not like him at all.

Despite this, the latest polls in Florida are showing Donald Trump taking back the lead, much like Barack Obama did against Mitt Romney in 2012. The current numbers show him at 45 percent versus Hillary’s 43 percent, according to Bloomberg.

Hillary Clinton has been labeled with her own faults, one of which alleges that she is a criminal and a cheater. The report of 33 thousand emails with government information which she had allegedly deleted from a private server had gone to court. She had been found not guilty, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from attacking her as crooked. One leaked document even reveals that her campaign may have been funded by Iraqi terrorists, implying that she has ties to ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Hillary has even been accused of paying people behind the scenes to ensure that everybody else’s campaign fails, allegedly resulting in the resignation of democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

There are serious accusations on both sides, and independents might still be able to give Jill Stein and Gary Johnson a chance to beat Trump and Clinton. The problem is that the independent and green candidates are both at near or less than ten percent in the polls. The odds are not good for either of them.

Donald Trump might have held himself back with the latest polls in Florida, after saying that the polls were rigged. Supporters might not vote if they believe it won’t matter. Though he blamed Hillary Clinton for paying the electoral college to give her more votes, it’s all rumors at this point.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]