Trump World War Talk: Is Donald Trump Puppet Parroting Putin and Russian Claims President Hillary Clinton Will Start World War 3 In Syrian Civil War?

The Donald Trump World War 3 talk we heard yesterday could be viewed as a sign of desperation by Trump’s campaign as they look at his likely crushing defeat in the 2016 election. Trump’s drop in recent election polls results make this a possible answer for Trump’s world war rhetoric, but another possibility is that he is being influenced by similar statements by Putin in Russia.

As reported by CBS News, Trump on Tuesday in an interview suggested that the United States should focus entirely on defeating ISIS, and not attempt to remove the regime in Syria. He claimed that Hillary Clinton’s policies on Syria – supposedly aimed at regime change – would inevitably lead to a confrontation with Russian forces there and the outbreak of World War 3.

Graffiti of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Trump World War statements causing uproar. [Image by Mindaugas Kulbis/AP Photo]

The Trump world war warning is odd, given that Donald Trump was asking only a few months ago in security briefings why he couldn’t just use nuclear weapons whenever he wanted to as president. He hardly seems like the one to be judging the future policies of President Hillary Clinton.

But is Trump’s accusation that a President Hillary Clinton administration will expand the Syrian Civil War into a World War Donald Trump’s idea, or is it Vladimir Putin’s? Is Donald Trump Putin’s puppet after all?

Putin and Trump

World War rhetoric is hardly unusual when coming from the Kremlin propaganda machine, but it’s a little more unsettling when the Republican nominee for president of the United States starts parroting what Putin and his cronies are saying. And as ABC News reports, the Russians have a certainly been talking about a world war in the media.

But throughout the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump has made his admiration of – and even fondness for – Vladimir Putin clear. It’s led many people in the West to view Trump as nothing more than a puppet of the Putin regime – what Vladimir Lenin referred to as a “useful idiot.”

The Trump Putin bromance is deeply unsettling for both Democratic and Republican politicians. Even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has condemned Donald Trump for praising Putin on a regular basis. Certainly, Ronald Reagan would be spinning in his grave to hear the supposed leader of the Republican Party throwing in with a Russian dictator.

World War 3 Politics

Using the threat of a new world war to try to influence voters in an upcoming election is – somewhat surprisingly for younger voters – not a new approach for a presidential candidate. Long before Donald Trump brought up the subject of World War 3 in the 2016 election, Lyndon Johnson was doing something very similar in a 1964 anti-Goldwater commercial.

But this kind of fear mongering rhetoric about the opponent in a presidential campaign starting a World War if elected should probably be out of bounds — whether Democrats or Republicans are behind it. Of course, in the current election it wasn’t “nasty woman” Hillary Clinton saying it, but Donald Trump.

The Donald Trump Puppet

Many commentators have noted Donald Trump’s fondness for self-praise. But if there’s anything Trump likes more than praising himself, it’s hearing someone else do it. This may be one reason why he’s so fond of Vladimir Putin and Russia, since Putin and his Kremlin minions have frequently said nice things about Trump.

But there could be another reason why Donald Trump seems perfectly willing to repeat Putin’s World War 3 propaganda. Donald Trump has close business ties with Russia, having received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russia and Russian business interests over the last few years.

As reported by ABC News, one of Donald Trump’s principal supporters — and his former campaign manager in the 2016 election — Paul Manafort has had very close ties to the Kremlin for years. Manafort received large sums of money helping Russia try to keep a pro-Russian dictator in place in the Ukraine.

Do the Donald Trump World War 3 claims prove that he’s just a puppet of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? No, they don’t. But the alternative is almost worse. It could be that Donald Trump has no views of his own on world international relations, and simply grabs on to anything he sees in the media, such as Putin’s claims that American “aggression” in the Syrian Civil War will start a third world war.

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